The Orlando Awards : Best Theme Park

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The Orlando Awards : Best Theme Park
It's that time of year again...
The Orlando Awards are NOW OPEN and once again we're asking you to tell us everything from your favourite park to your favourite food in Orlando! Kicking off, we've got the contestants in the "Best Theme Park" category...

Each year, Attraction Tickets Direct team up with The Sun to host the Orlando Awards: our customers' picks of the very best things to do in Orlando. Voting is open now and here are our top contenders for Theme Park of the year...

1. Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is definitely an unmissable experience, as there is always an exciting line-up of traditional and modern-day Disney favourites. Thanks to its rides and endless events, life in this park never gets boring! We love strolling down Main Street on the hunt for Mickey and Minnie!  As an iconic Orlando park, the Magic Kingdom is always a favourite, but will it be yours?

2. Universal’s Islands of Adventure

This amazing park is well-known for having the world’s most cutting-edge rides. As well as exhilarating rollercoasters, it also has water rides and theatrical events which are (ever-so-slightly) more relaxing and suited to people of all ages! Universal’s Islands of Adventure also plays host to the famous Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a magical world for all Harry Potter fans. It gets the Potter seal of approval, but does it get yours?

3. Universal Studios Florida

At Universal Studios Florida, you can go beyond the scenes and the silver screens to learn the tricks of the trade used by Universal in their successful movies. Hang out with the characters from your favourite films, shop at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezers in Diagon Alley and travel across the park on board the Hogwarts Express.  If you love simulator rides, take a seat next to Optimus Prime and go wild through the streets of the Transformer’s film or buckle up for a rip roaring ride through Springfield with the Simpsons. Hands up here if it’s your fav Orlando park!

4.  Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

This natural beauty is located in Tampa Bay, not far from Orlando, but we love it so much we had to include it in our Orlando Awards! If you love it too, make sure to include it in your vote! Busch Gardens is much-loved by teenagers and adults due to the high intensity rides blended with the exciting Serengeti feel. Busch Gardens will offer you totally new experiences such as the opportunity to interact up-close with animals, visit the Safari park across the Serengeti Plain and experience its world-class rollercoasters.

5. Disney’s Epcot

This theme park is different from the usual Disney ones, as it has a more scientific and technology theme, giving you an insight into the world of the future. Visiting Epcot is an unforgettable experience as it feels like being in a time machine shifting from the 21st century forwards and backwards to other decades!  Enjoy attractions such as “The Circle of Life” or “Mission: Space”, learn more about 11 different cultures and cuisines, and finally be amazed by astonishing shows, such as the performance of the Jewelled Dragon Acrobats. If you love Epcot, it needs your vote!

6. SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is the park where majestic marine life and high paced thrill combine to create a magical water-infused theme park experience! SeaWorld is also a great place to be educated on environmental issues and how we can care for our planet and our oceans as you watch real life marine rescue and recovery operations take place at the park every day. If you want to give SeaWorld a boost for all the great work they do, remember to vote for them in the Orlando Awards.

7. Discovery Cove

The above paradise is not actually in heaven (surprisingly!), but in Florida, and it´s called Discovery Cove. Discovery is the perfect place to have up-close encounters with exotic marine life and other animals. At Discovery Cove, you can even have a one-to-one dolphin encounter and swim with this awesome and intelligent mammal, by holding the dorsal fin for an exhilarating swim ride. This experience is absolutely exceptional and fun for children and adults alike! If you’ve been to Discovery Cove and think it deserves your vote, please let us know.

8. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom hosts 1700 animals across 250 species and the majority of the attractions have a naturalistic and environmental feel to them. If you like dinosaurs, fossils, woods and nature in general, as well as plenty of fabulous rides and attractions, this park is perfect for you! Remember, if you love it already, make sure to cast your vote! If you’re lucky, you might also be able to meet Baloo from the Jungle Book and Rafiki from the Lion King…who knows!

9. LEGOLAND Florida

A huge hit with the little ones, this interactive park has more than 50 rides, along with an onsite waterpark and hotel! Favourite attractions include “Miniland USA”, the “Imagination Zone” and “Lego City”. The park has also recently be joined by the new area ”Heartlake City”, with shows and rides based around the hugely popular Lego Friends series! So if LEGOland is your favourite Orlando Park, make sure to show your appreciation here!



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