Strong Stomach? Check Out the Food at Halloween Horror Nights!

Strong Stomach? Check Out the Food at Halloween Horror Nights!
Do you dare...?
Halloween Horror Nights officially kicked off on Friday last week, and the photos coming out of the event are already pretty terrifying! So when we heard there were some pictures of special Halloween Horror Nights food circulating, we were very nervous to check them out….

Luckily, though the food is Halloween themed – it’s not grisly, we promise! As you can probably imagine, the creators behind the food went a little crazy with the tomato sauce – you can use it to dip, top your fries with it and even cover your pizza in it! And, while the colour might put you off after walking through some of the parks haunted mazes, we can assure you that the flavour will not…


Halloween Horror Nights Food


Halloween Horror Nights Food


The new dishes include:

  • Mini Donuts on a Stick – Available at the food tent near Finnegan’s in the New York area you can get these doughnuts covered in sugar or powdered cinnamon…yum!
  • Pizza Fries – A huge heap of fries on top of a sea of marinera sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and sausage. Available at KidZone Pizza Company.


Halloween Horror Nights Food Pizza Fries


  • Chili Garlic Chicken Sandwich – Grilled chicken breast with spicy seasoning, pepper jack cheese, spicy chili sauce and a portion of fries. Available at Richter’s Burger Co. in the San Francisco area of the park.
  • Fiery Onion Ring Burger – A cheeseburger with a sinister twist! Topped with onions, hot sauce, pepper jack cheese and a side of fries, this burger is one not to be messed with. Available at Mel’s Drive-In across from the Academy of Villains show.


Fiery Onion Ring Burger Halloween Horror Nights


  • Fresh Calzones – A monstrous combination of marinara sauce, sausage, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. Topped with melted butter and garlic. (You can hear us running to get it already!) Available at Louie’s Italian Restaurant in the New York area.

Alongside these new food offerings, visitors will also be able to pick up some new drinks and souvenir collectible Halloween Horror Nights cups.


Halloween Horror Nights


The following alcoholic drinks will be served exclusively at the Halloween Horror Nights event:

  • Liquid Fear – Vodka cocktail with cranberry juice and lemonade
  • Liquid Courage – Tangerine rum with orange juice and sprite
  • Midnight Madness – 50% Liquid Courage, 50% Liquid Fear, 100% Midnight Madness

While 3 new frozen beverages will be available throughout the day at Universal Studios Florida and into the night as  the ghosts, ghouls and axe murderers come out of the woodwork for Halloween Horror Nights.

Check out these drinks, also available as virgin mocktails:

  • Candy Corn – Whipped cream vodka meets the scrumptious taste of candy corn 
  • Pumpkin Spice – Tastes of fall with pumpkin spice rum
  • S’mores – Chocolate drizzle and toasted marshmallow vodka delight

There’s more to Halloween Horror Nights than just big frights (although they’re pretty important too!). Get your tickets here if you’re travelling before the 4th November this year.

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