A Sweet Wreck it Ralph Featurette!

Disney Films , Wreck it Ralph
A Sweet Wreck it Ralph Featurette!
Sugar Rush - where everything is made from candy! EVERYTHING!
Walt Disney Animation Studios have released a delicious new Wreck it Ralph featurette that takes you on a sweet guided tour of the world that is candy coated cart racing game Sugar Rush!


If you have a sweet tooth you may want to avoid watching this video that shows off all the wonderful ways that director of Walt Disney Animation Studios Wreck it Ralph movie made scenes from the candy coated cart racing game Sugar Rush so decadently sweet.
JubileenaBing-Bing from Wreck it RalphWell for one, as Richard Moore makes ever so clear...everything in the game of Sugar Rush is made of candy or sweet related. Yes – everything! Everything! Candy coated cart racers Taffyta Muttonfudge, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Candlehead, JubileenaBing- Bing, even Vanellope Von Schweetz Lickity Split cart, which might not appear so sweet at first glance, are all made from candy, birthday cakes, cherry pies, ice – lollies – you name it – if it’s sweet it’s in the Sugar Rush world!
Find out how Richard Moore and the Walt Disney Animation Studios made Sugar Rush looks so tasty and tantalising! 

A Sweet Little Treat!

This sweet little featurette might not be as tantalising as watching the full length Wreck it Ralph movie, which isn’t out in the UK till the 13th February 2013, but you have to admit, it’s a tasty treat!
Till February, ‘Stay Sweet!’
Disney Films , Wreck it Ralph

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