Witness Mind-Blowing Stunts and Illusions on Broadway

Witness Mind-Blowing Stunts and Illusions on Broadway
For a limited time only, you can play witness to some of the most incredible feats of magic on Earth, as the Illusionists show comes to Broadway!

Seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth have come together to form a super group of world-class magicians re-creating your favourite feats of the impossible with a brand new twist. ‘THE ILLUSIONISTS - Witness the Impossible’ promises just that – a front row seat at one of the most mind blowing stunt shows on earth.



“Audiences will witness stunning acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and for the first time ever in history, a full view water torture escape. Performed by the acclaimed escapologist Andrew Basso, he will hold his breath for over 4 minutes whilst attempting to escape from his underwater cell.” 

The water torture escape stunt was originally made famous by Harry Houdini but has been given a new twist by Andrew Basso, who will be performing it without the help of curtains to conceal his movements, adding to the danger of this incredibly risky stunt.

The supergroup also includes ‘The Deceptionist’ James More, who you may recognise from Britain’s Got Talent, where he wowed crowds after escaping from the iron chains as burning-hot nails threatened to fall and impale him.  He comes to the show fresh from an exhilarating performance in front of 15,000 people at the o2 Arena in London.

The Deceptionist is joined by 6 of the best magicians from all over the world, including Jonathan Goodwin who has been ‘ hanged, buried alive, hung by his toes from helicopters, burned at the stake, attacked by sharks, and even sewn up inside a dead cow’. It’s going to be an interesting night all round then!

This show will be running for 6-7 weeks, with the final date set to be at the beginning of January, so it’s important to pre-book tickets if you want to catch it.

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