Frankenweenie! Another Disney Film!

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Frankenweenie! Another Disney Film!
Another Disney/Tim Burton film in the can!
Frankenweenie is yet another Disney film due to make its way to UK cinemas in October this year, directed by Tim Burton.

We’re particularly excited about Tim Burton’s collaboration with Disney on Frankenweenie! Mostly because we’re hoping there might be a Frankenweenie inspired attraction at Disney World that we’ll all be able to experience with our Disney tickets in the future. After all, it’s only a few days till Disney launch the Mad T Party attraction at Disneyland, inspired by Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland.  

Frankenweenie tells the tale of a young boy named Victor whose dog, Sparky, dies. Based loosely on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor uses the power of science to bring Sparky back to life, however Sparky comes back to create all kinds of havoc. Although we are only speculating about a Frankenweenie inspired attraction, we can confirm that a Frankenweenie exhibition will be travelling around the world, showcasing the creative process taken to make this motion stop animation picture.    
You will know Tim Burton as the director of A Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpses Bride and most recently for his film Dark Shadows. The director is famed for exploring dark and particularly oddball themes and incessantly casts Johnny Depp as his protagonist.
What you might not know is, once upon a time, way back in the eighties to be précised Tim Burton was an animator working in the Walt Disney Productions animation studio. However his work occasionally clashed with the Disney Studio animation style and Burton went on to direct his own projects.
The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition tour will be showcases in Barcelona, France, Japan, Mexico, Canada and England. The tour will do its last stint at Disneyland California on the 14th September till the 5th November.
If you’re a Tim Burton fan or fancy yourself an illustrator or animator, don’t miss out on the chance to catch the fascinating exhibition. Why not get hold of some Disneyland tickets and combine your Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition experience with a visit to Disneyland?
Check out the Frankenweenie trailer here!

Frankenweenie Trailer

special events , Disneyland , Disney Films