The Official Disneyland Cars Land Trailer!

special events , Disneyland California , Cars Land
The Official Disneyland Cars Land Trailer!
Cars Cars Cars!
Check out Disneyland’s official Cars Land trailer right here! Cars Land opens to the public on the 15th June!

You will have noticed that the ATD Latest News page has been dominated with events taking place on the 15th June! Those of you with your Disneyland tickets heading to the park on this particular date will know it’s because this is a day that’s about to go down in Disneyland history . 

The 15th June is the day that Disneyland unveils all of the wonders  the Imagineers have been creating for us all at the Disney California Adventure park; that’s the unveiling of the 20’s and 30’s inspired Buena Vista Street, the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad T Party and of course, the massively anticipated Disney Pixar inspired Cars Land!
Those of you already in California, rearing and ready to go to the Cars Land launch we salute you. If you’re yet to get your Disneyland tickets, it might be too late to witness the grand opening, but Cars Land will still be there for you to enjoy nonetheless.
Check out some Disneyland tickets here!
Watch the trailer here!
special events , Disneyland California , Cars Land

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