Get ready for the ultimate Hollywood movie experience

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Added Happiness! With a Universal Studios Hollywood ticket you’ll go behind-the-scenes where Hollywood movies are made and discover action-packed rides and attractions where the movie thrills come alive.

Get ready for the ultimate Hollywood movie experience! First, go behind-the-scenes on the world famous Studio Tour to explore where Hollywood movies are made. Then, face action head-on in heart-pounding rides, shows and attractions that put you inside some of the world’s biggest movies. Experience King Kong 360 3-D. Your heart pounds. Your adrenaline flows. Your survival instincts are on overload. You’re caught in the middle of a terrifying struggle between a 35-foot T. Rex and the 8th Wonder of the World – King Kong. You’ve never experienced him this real before. And, in Spring 2012, be part of the battle as you embark on a mission to defend the Allspark from the evil clutches of the Decepticons© in TransformersTM: The Ride 3D.

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