Halloween Horror Nights Presents…Insidious

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Halloween Horror Nights Presents…Insidious
Screams guaranteed...
The latest addition to the Halloween Horror Nights line up...

The Halloween Horror Nights line up is really starting to hot up, with the newest addition of the hideous and horrifying mutants from the Insidious film being announced yesterday! Until yesterday, Universal had only confirmed the return of Jack the Clown and a visit from the Freddie and Jason from Freddie vs Jason film so we're so excited to hear more news of one off our favourite events of the year!

If you’re not familiar with Insidious, it’s a supernatural horror film in which a young boy is terrorized by a demonic dark figure who lurks over his bed at night and leaves bloody handprints all over the family’s ramshackle home. It’s terrifying! And we don’t relish the idea of the demons terrorizing us as we sneak our way around a darkened Universal Studios….oh wait, who are we kidding!? That sounds amazing!

Now thrill-seeking guests can look forward (if you can look forward to this?) to a fright-filled night of Insidious characters, including the Long Haired Fiend, the Lipstick-Face Demon, the Bride in Black, and the Man Who Can’t Breathe.

In case you don’t feel like sleeping tonight, here’s some images and videos released by Universal: 

Here's what Universal have to say about the Insidious influence:

"The path through this terrifying maze can only be accomplished by going into the Further, the mysterious world of the spirits. Many of these spirits crave the souls of the living. And while guests are dodging the grasping hands of death, the Further will disorient any who travel into the great beyond."

So who's brave enough?

If you you're a horror fan and want to experience the shrieks of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, you can! Take a look at our Halloween Horror Nights tickets for the ultimate fear factor...

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