4 Original Haunted Houses Announced for Halloween Horror Nights

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4 Original Haunted Houses Announced for Halloween Horror Nights
It’s almost time!
Universal have warned that the “chilling celebration of blood and bone is about to begin”! Are you ready?

In the last few weeks, there have been lots of exciting (or should we say terrifying?) Halloween Horror Nights announcements. The Shining, American Horror Story and Ash vs Evil Dead, are just a few of the haunted houses that have already been confirmed for this year’s event. If that didn’t sound scary enough, Universal have just added four new houses to the line up!

The haunted houses are one of the most frightening parts of Halloween Horror Nights. Each house is like a walk-through maze, that brings the most famous horror stories of all time to life before your eyes! The latest houses to be announced are all original creations, which means guests will be completely unaware of what lies within. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a little preview of what to expect…


Scarecrow: The Reaping

Set inside an abandoned farmhouse filled with horrors, this haunted house is definitely not one for the faint hearted. Anger spread through the land, when the once bountiful fields were destroyed by the farmer’s ploughs. An army of Scarecrow guardians have risen from the blood-stained soil to seek revenge. Universal have issued a warning that “the harvest that will be reaped this season is you”. Are you brave enough to venture inside?



Dead Waters

Another terrifying feature of Halloween Horror Nights, is the scare zones. These zones are spread out across the park, and leave guests with no choice but to walk right through the middle of them. They are like a live re-enactment of famous horror movies, with live actors on the prowl for new people to terrorise! There have been several haunted houses in the past, that have influenced Halloween Horror Nights scare zones, but this will be the first time that a scare zone has influenced a house.

Taking inspiration from the Bayou of Blood scare zone, Dead Waters will be something much scarier. Prepare to enter the “hellish realm” of the Voodoo Queen, where you’re surrounded by the horrifying skeletal remains of her many victims.




The aim of this eerie haunted house is to make anyone who steps inside, feel as though they’ve walked straight into a 1980s horror movie. Everything you thought you knew about vampires is about to change, as you come face to face with “nasty, animalistic and vicious” Nosferatu.



The Fallen

Universal have described this house as a “mix between beauty and decay”. Showcasing an ancient battle between good and evil, The Fallen are ready to attack anyone that dares to cross their path. Expect to see terrifying creatures flying, jumping and crawling up from the kingdom of darkness.  



There’s plenty more to discover at the “Festival of the Deadliest”. The question is, can you handle the horrors that await?


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