6 Scare Zones Announced for Halloween Horror Nights

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6 Scare Zones Announced for Halloween Horror Nights
...and they're good ones!
6 brand new reasons to be scared this autumn at Halloween Horror Nights

First of all, if you’re new to Halloween Horror Nights, then a ‘scare zone’ is a designated themed area of the park where you’ll find roaming scare actors waiting to scare the absolute bejeebus out of you away from the big haunted mazes which are the headline acts of the event. These scare zones are a huge part of the event and you won’t want to miss these areas of the park’s event too.

1. The Purge

Halloween Horror Nights favourite (can we call it a favourite if it scares our customers to death?!), The Purge is returning to the 27th annual Halloween Horror Nights event this year. This scare zone takes you to the mean streets of New York where anarchy and blood-thirstiness has taken over for the night. Even the clean-up crew tasked with cleaning up the mayhem and their thundering wood chipper need to be avoided…

2. Trick ‘r Treat


Trick r Treat


This second scare zone is also set in New York, but this time the action takes place in Central Park, inspired by the film Trick ‘r Treat – a 2007 horror film with a cult following.  You’ll have the opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the film’s iconic characters, including Sam, who will be making sure you’re all following the rules of Halloween.

3. Altars of Horror

Towards the front gate, one of the first scare zones you’ll experience is for the Altars of Horror which is something completely new for the event. This is an opportunity for some of the biggest characters from this year’s scare mazes to get even more up close and personal with the unlucky and unwitting guests to the park.

4. Roaming Hordes

Would it be a Halloween Horror Night event without the roaming hordes? We think not! If scary clowns are your worst nightmare, you might want to give these guys a swerve as the smell of greasepaint and the roar of chainsaws fills the air and a gang of clowns rises from the grave!

5. Invasion!

For this one, you’ll go back in time to old-time San Francisco. Set in the docks area, the poor unwitting residents find themselves the subjects of a horrible invasion from far flung visitors from a different planet. The new residents wreak havoc on the beautiful city as the cowering humans look on…or in your case run through their scare zone!



Academy of Villains


Last but not least, this group of powerhouse artists will be returning for an all-new killer performance that will blow your mind and ‘escort you form this world to the great beyond’.

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights event definitely won’t be short on scare zone horrors – so if you haven’t got your ticket yet, what are you waiting for!

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Universal Orlando Resort Tickets , Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort , Orlando , Seasonal Events