Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Rumours

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Halloween Horror Nights 2018 Rumours
A little rumour never hurt anyone!
Let’s indulge ourselves in rumours like that the cult TV show Stranger Things is coming to Halloween Horror Nights this year for a minute, shall we?

This year’s Halloween Horror Nights event will be the 28th year of this annual scare-filled event. It is anticipated (but not confirmed as of yet!) that there will be 9 mazes in total – 7 of these will be based on well-known horror classics and 2 on original Universal concepts.

Despite Universal remaining very tight-lipped on what will be coming to this year’s event, rumours have already begun circulating about what we can expect…

Rumour #1: Stranger Things Halloween Horror Nights

That’s it – the biggest rumour about what is coming to Halloween Horror Nights this year involves the cult TV show Stranger Things, which currently has two series on Netflix and another in the pipeline. This rumour has even been stoked by Universal Orlando Resort itself, with not so subtle clues such as this one dropping as early as October last year!

Christopher Ripley, head honcho of Halloween Horror Nights UNOFFICIAL also agreed back in November that it’s a ‘matter of time before Stranger Things hits HHN’. Not only does the creepy theme fit in with event, it’s also a fan favourite and would bring a new sci-fin spin to proceedings which could attract a new fan base.

What would a Stranger Things maze look like?

We think the maze could take on one of two locations – either guests will be in the house of the main character, Will, where his mother strings up elaborate fairy lights to allow her son to communicate with her from ‘The Upside Down’ or, it will take place in ‘The Upside Down’ itself – a dark and creepy world of demons.

Characters from the two series would make great scare actors – we’re thinking Demogorgon’s in particular – but we would also love to see the neighbourhood kids plus psychokinetic Eleven make an appearance.

Rumour #2: The Thing at Halloween Horror Nights

The second-most hyped rumour is that The Thing maze, based on John Carpenter’s 1982 film, will be returning for the third time this year to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Rumours started after Universal Orlando Resort’s official Facebook page “liked” the page for the John Carpenter film. As Universal is known for having dropped similar hints before, fans quickly jumped on this as a big sign the franchise was returning again.

Rumour #3: Universal Monsters for the Original Concept Maze?

This is just one of a few rumours about what could make up the two new unique concept mazes for this year’s event. The second is a space station-themed maze based on the legend of will o’ the wisps, an old story based on anecdotes as far back as the 1300’s. Hundreds of accounts of flickering, spooky lights being seen on deserted marsh land have influenced popular culture and the idea of these lights leading unwitting travellers to their deaths on the bogging marshes.  

Rumour #4: Other Returning Horror Franchises

The Thing is not the only franchise rumoured to be returning to Halloween Horror Nights this year; there are FIVE others being talked about. These include Trick ‘r Treat, based on the 2007 cult classic, American Horror Story, Asylum and last year’s hit, Blumhouse Films and IT. With IT 2 currently being in the works, it would be a great way for Universal to promote the sequel.

We have to stress that all of these rumours are just that…rumours! Nothing has been officially confirmed by Universal ahead of the ticket release, which we are hoping will be in the next month or two. Make sure to keep an eye out on our website and social media channels to be the first to know all the details of the incredible event…

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Universal Orlando Resort Tickets , Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort , Orlando , Fun , Seasonal Events