Top 5 Snacks to Try at Universal’s Volcano Bay

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Top 5 Snacks to Try at Universal’s Volcano Bay
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Planning a visit to Universal’s Volcano Bay water theme park? These are the tasty treats you must try…

Universal’s Volcano Bay is a stunning tropical paradise, perfect for lazing the day away in the Floridian sunshine- when you’re not taking the plunge on the thrilling water slides that is! Along with the relaxed island vibe, there’s a mouth-watering menu of island-inspired dishes that you can savour during your visit. Here are 5 of our favourites…


1. Waturi Fusion Ice Cream


Waturi Fusion Ice Cream Universal's Volcano Bay


Trust us when we say that this is one of the best ice creams we’ve ever had- and not just because it looks great on Instagram! This delicious rainbow ice cream is made up of swirls of strawberry, orange, blue raspberry and banana flavoured ice cream, served in a waffle cone. The bright colours make this a picture-perfect snack, which is ideal for when you want to cool down from the heat. You’ll find this at the Koka Poroka ice cream kiosk


2. Coconut Crusted Fried Chicken


Universal's Volcano Bay Food


When you’re ready for lunch, head over to the Kohola Reef Restaurant. The menu here is full of flavoursome dishes from the South Pacific. While there’s plenty to choose from, one of our favourite dishes is the sweet, coconut crusted fried chicken. It’s served with a refreshing cucumber and mango slaw and French fries.


3. Longboard Pizza


Universal's Volcano Bay food


You won't find your typical, round pizzas here! The pizzas at Volcano Bay are “longboard pizzas” served in the shape of a surfboard to fit the park’s tropical theme. There are lots of great flavours to choose from including pepperoni, cheese and vegetarian, although the Island BBQ chicken is our favourite. It’s covered in a sweet mango BBQ sauce, with red onions, gouda cheese and diced chicken… delicious! If you want to stick with the tropical theme, go for the Hawaiian pizza, topped with ham, pickled jalapenos and caramelised pineapple. These tasty pizzas are perfect for sharing, although we won’t blame you if you don’t!


4. Jerk Shrimp Mac & Cheese


Universal's Volcano Bay food


When you think of authentic island cuisine, seafood is one of the first things that comes to mind. This delicious dish is where comfort food meets seafood, and we think you’ll love it! This mac and cheese with a twist, is made with Jamaican jerk-spiced, pan-seared shrimp, tossed with pasta shells in a creamy, white cheddar cheese sauce. If you’re a seafood fan, this mouth-watering dish is the one for you.


5. Tacos


Universal's Volcano Bay food


The Feasting Frog restaurant specialises in tasty tacos. You can choose between the Carne Asada tacos, which are filled with succulent grilled skirt steak, guacamole, shredded lettuce and cheese, or the chicken tacos which are stuffed with tender chicken, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and a rich salsa topping. You’ll get two tacos per serving, with a side of crispy plantain chips and salsa.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide. The best thing to do is go for the taco sampler and try them both!


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