Volcano Bay Water Park Set to Make a Splash at Universal Orlando® Resort

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Volcano Bay Water Park Set to Make a Splash at Universal Orlando® Resort
New onsite water park set to join the Universal Orlando® Resort
Universal Orlando® Resort announced today that an onsite water park called Volcano Bay will join the resort in 2017.

Today Universal Orlando® Resort released the above artist's impression of its brand new onsite water park as a teaser for its current construction projects. 

It was accompanied by a short press release which stated that the water park would be built on a site south of Cabana Bay (marked below on the map) and will be open to visitors in 2017!

Universal resort Map


Universal describes the park as a representation of "postcard perfect tropical islands", which is reflected in the released artwork! Details aside from this are vague, probably due to the distant opening date or perhaps because more will be announced at the International POW WOW in Orlando next week.  From the artwork we can see the park will feature a smoking volcano feature, as well as a wave machine and lazy river on the 53-acre piece of land allotted for the park.

Given the resort's recent successes in expanding the park, including the opening of Harry Potter's Wizarding World and even more recently the Minion Mayhem and Springfield attractions, we are eagerly anticipating an incredible new additiona to the park!

If you're planning a visit to Universal Orlando before the 2017 opening date, don't despair! Universal's current waterpark Wet 'N Wild is still one of our firm favourite water parks and we really recommend it for big thrill seekers in particular!

New Attractions

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