Step Aside Kong, Universal Have a Second Exciting Announcement For Us This Week!

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Step Aside Kong, Universal Have a Second Exciting Announcement For Us This Week!
Hop in Mario and Luigi!
If yesterday’s exciting news about the new Reign of Kong ride wasn’t enough, Universal have announced even more tricks up their sleeve for the year ahead…

Universal announced today that they are entering into an exciting new partnership with Nintendo to bring their classic much-loved games to life at the Universal parks in Orlando and Kyoto! Details are vague at the moment, but Universal and Nintendo are working together to draw up plans for some major new attractions at the park in the coming years.

So which of our favourite Nintendo games and characters would we like to see come to life?

How about a simulator ride of the incredible Mario Kart game?! For anyone who has played the infamous Rainbow Road level on this much-loved game, you’ll know how stomach churning this could be!



Or what about a Pokémon battle attraction, where our hero Ash has to save Pikachu from the clutches of the evil Jesse and James?




And, of course, there’s always the old classic Donkey Kong to draw in the crowds…who wouldn’t love to roll down a Donkey Kong barrel wooden rollercoaster with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in search of their beloved bananas?!


Donkey Kong


We hope we'll also get to see some of our favourite characters walking round the parks and ready for some photo opportunities! 

If you've got any Super-Nintendo ideas for Universal on new Nintendo rides they could design, let us know on Facebook and Twitter and we'll share!

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