The 4 Stages of Mickey’s Magic Reveal Addiction

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The 4 Stages of Mickey’s Magic Reveal Addiction
Do you recognise the symptoms?
We've witnessed 4 stages to the Mickey's Magic Reveal addiction phenomenon...which stage do you fall in to?

Stage 1 – The Cool Cucumber


Mickey's Magic Reveal


Your friend’s linked you to the game on Facebook and you’re thinking ‘huh…a game about Disney, might as well give it a go, I’ve got 5 minutes to kill’. You sign up, think this looks pretty sparkly and HA there’s 10 spots on the leader board and 50 prizes to be won, you’ve got this.

Stage 2 – The Preacher




THIS. GAME. IS. AMAZING. The tables have turned and you’re that friend sending the game to everyone you know. You’ve shaved 40 seconds off your original time on the easy level and you’re probably honing in on the top spot of the leader board. Hidden Mickey’s are appearing left, right and centre and you’re fairly sure Disney should hire you immediately as CEO.

Stage 3 – The Addict




OK just one more go. One more level. You’re averaging a good 30 second round now so you must be nearly there right? Wait, 16 seconds on the easy round to get in the top 3?! What is this witchcraft? Suddenly you’re cancelling plans with friends and staying up to the wee hours trying to type ‘Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’ in 0.135 of a second to secure your place at the top of the board.

Stage 4 – Smug Conqueror of the Leader Board



You’ve made it. The 200 hours you’ve put it on the game have finally paid off and your name is sat there proudly at the top of the leader board. But don’t think you can sit back and relax just yet…there’s a few thousand Mickey’s Magic Reveal players stuck firmly in Stage 3 just waiting to steal your place!

If you haven’t played Mickey’s Magic Reveal yet, where have you been?! Check it out here (you know, if you’ve got a spare 5 minutes to kill…)

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