5 Facts about Hyperia at Thorpe Park Resort

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HYPERIA written in front of golden wings above the tagline 'Find Your Fearless'
Find Your Fearless
The UK’s newest rollercoaster is set to break records and offer some serious thrills - here’s everything we know about Hyperia

One of the most highly anticipated attractions for UK theme park fans in 2024 is Hyperia, a brand-new rollercoaster set to open this year at Thorpe Park Resort. But what is it about this ride that’s got everyone so excited? 


1. Hyperia will be the UK’s tallest rollercoaster 

Hyperia will be taking thrills to new heights - 236ft to be exact. This will make it the tallest rollercoaster in the UK, overtaking the 230ft tall The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

2. Hyperia will be the UK’s fastest rollercoaster

If you’re going up that high, you’ve got to pick up some speed as you head back down to earth, meaning Hyperia will also be the UK’s fastest rollercoaster as it reaches speeds of over 80mph. Thorpe Park are beating their own record with this one, as the current fastest is their coaster Stealth. 


Looking up at a golden coloured rollercoaster track in front of a clear blue sky


3. Hyperia will have three inversions 

Thorpe Park say that once you’ve experience Hyperia, you’ll never fear again, and with three thrilling inversions we’d say that’s definitely true. One of these inversions will be a dive loop, while the other one is an ‘Immelmann’ - a hill climb followed by a half loop then a half roll in the opposite direction. 

4. Hyperia is inspired by the legend of Icarus

Icarus flew too close to the sun, but the fearless goddess Hyperia learned from his mistakes. While wings made of feathers and wax were Icarus’ downfall, Hyperia’s have been forged from steel. 

5. Hyperia will be opening on May 24th 2024

That's right, we now have an opening date! Hyperia will be opening on May 24th, to coincide with the 45th anniversary of Thorpe Park Resort - what a great way to celebrate! 

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THORPE PARK Resort Tickets , UK , New Attractions