Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Flights

Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Night Flight

Vegas Views

4.7 stars: Independently verified from 32 reviews

Experience magical birds-eye views of Las Vegas’ dazzling neon lights in a way unimaginable from the ground on a memorable Las Vegas helicopter night flight. Soar over the world famous hotels aboard a deluxe Eco-Star helicopter - the Rolls Royce of helicopters - and enjoy the city of lights in all i...
Jack of Lights Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour

Las Vegas Strip Highlights Night Flight

4.4 stars: Independently verified from 9 reviews

You won't forget this fantastic helicopter flight in a hurry as you swoop over the famous Las Vegas Strip and Downtown's Glitter Gulch to take in a bird's eye view of the world famous hotels, iconic locations, and bright neon lights.
Neon Lights & Savory Bites

Neon Lights & Savory Bites

Enjoy Las Vegas' late night food scene combined with a jaw-dropping helicopter ride of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.