The 4 Best Walt Disney World Surprise Reveal Ideas

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The 4 Best Walt Disney World Surprise Reveal Ideas
From a treasure hunt to a letter, we’ve put a list together of the 4 best ways to surprise your children with Walt Disney World tickets.
From a treasure hunt to a letter from the mouse himself, we’ve put a list together of the 4 best ways to surprise your children with a trip to Walt Disney World.

There’s nothing better than surprising your children with a holiday to Walt Disney World, but when it comes to the big reveal, it seems that simply telling them that the family is going to Disney World just isn’t quite magical enough.

If you’re thinking about making your Disney holiday reveal extra special, we’ve put a list together of the 4 best ways to surprise your children with Disney tickets.

1. Surprise them at the airport


Surprising them at the airport is a truly magical way to surprise your children that involves a bit of planning and concealing, but is sure to be well worth it in the end.

“Strategically trick them by forcing them to come along on the ride to the airport,” says Mickey Blog. This can be done by either saying you are going on a business trip or going on a couple’s holiday with your spouse.

“But before they get home from school, pack their bags and load up the car so they never catch on. As they tell you about their day at school and express their concern over your departure for a few days, reveal the news when they attempt to bid you farewell with a reluctant hug and kiss: ‘You’re coming with us. Grab your bag. We have to be at Disney World tomorrow!’

“Just make sure to have the big moment outside of the airport, so security isn’t concerned with their squeals of delight!”

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to conceal their suitcases or you think it might be too difficult to get them packed beforehand, Caroline from TravelingMom recommends disguising it as a work trip or a hotel stay where the family are coming along too. This is also a good idea if you think your child would be better prepared knowing they are going away, or they aren’t a fan of elaborate surprises. “All you have to do is tell the kids you are going out of town on business and they are flying with you. It doesn’t matter where you tell them you are going.”

You could also consider telling them on the plane, if it’s easy for you to conceal where you are going and you think your child will react well to the surprise!

2. Send them a letter


Who doesn’t love receiving a hand-written letter in the post? This reveal idea is perfect for both younger and older children and a quick and easy way of surprising them that they’ll be sure to remember.

”Regardless of whether you’re 5 years old or 50, receiving something handwritten in the mail is an exciting discovery,” says Mickey Blog. “If your child is a fan of postcards, writing and scrapbooking, a note that’s stamped and baring their name will have them ripping through the paper in no time. And when they find it’s an invitation to nope, not another classmate’s birthday party, but their very own holiday to Disney World? It’s one they’ll treasure forever.”

You could either make your own letter, or even buy a personalised invitation from the mouse himself. To have them guessing as soon as they see the envelope, you could even use a Mickey Mouse postage stamp or add a Disney sticker or drawing on the envelope.

3. Send them on a treasure hunt


If you’re looking to turn the big reveal into a bit of a game, a treasure hunt is a great way to build up the excitement.

“This one involves a bit more planning and preparation, but the result is super fun.” Says Mickey Chatter. “You create a bunch of clues to lead them on a scavenger hunt and hide them throughout your house. The kids often get so wrapped up in the fun of the game, that they don’t even realize that there may be a big surprise at the end. The treasure at the end is so worth it and will get some great reactions!”

Mickey Blog also recommends a treasure hunt, but with the addition of a treasure map. “It can have them digging through your laundry room, doing laps around the block to your neighbour’s house, calling up grandma – you name it. As long as the very last clue leads them to a backpack full of Disney World must-haves and a note explaining the reason for their hunt, we’re pretty sure they’ll be so excited, they won’t even notice how exhausted they are from adventuring. After all, you have to get them trained and ready for 12-hour days in the park!”

4. Give them a puzzle to solve


If you’d rather not go down the route of a treasure hunt but want to incorporate the surprise into a game, a puzzle is a great alternative.

The Unprepared Mommy recommends purchasing a Disney surprise puzzle or even crafting your own with a printable template online. “Lay the pieces on the table face up and tell them that you have a puzzle that needs to be put together in order to reveal a fantastic surprise. Have them work together as a team to start fitting the pieces together. Slowly, as the puzzle begins to form, watch their eyes light up as they start to identify the characters within the puzzle.” The look on their faces will be priceless once they realise what the puzzle says!

Disney surprise reveal Tips


  • Caroline from TravelingMom recommends making sure you do the reveal within a timeframe that suits your child and their age. “If your child is under the age of 7, consider waiting until the day you leave to share the Disney surprise. Children at this age simply do not understand timeframes and you could end up with a tearful situation.”
  • Although it will be tempting to, blogger Jessica from The Happiest Blog on Earth says: “Don’t video it. Kids (adults too!) tend to get nervous when you’re videoing for what seems to be no apparent reason. They’re automatically on guard and suspicious. Kids also have a tendency to act differently when we’re recording them, be it very goofy and over-the-top, or shy and reserved. Consider videoing them after they’ve had time to digest the surprise Disneyland trip. Get them comfortable and ask them to tell the camera about the surprise and what they’re hoping to do and see at Disneyland.
  • If you are planning on using a fake destination or short break to cover the surprise, TravelingMom warns: “Be careful you do not get the children too excited about the fake destination. Too much hype could end up with disappointed children when they learn they aren’t going to visit the intended destination.”
  • If you think it will be a struggle to hide the surprise or your children already have a bit of an inkling, Jessica suggests that instead, you could “consider introducing surprise elements to your trip. A meal with Disney characters, a princess makeover in Sleeping Beauty Castle or stay at one of these amazing water park hotels.”

Thinking of planning a Walt Disney World holiday reveal? Make sure you get your Walt Disney World tickets in advance here.  

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