The 5 Best Things to Do at Universal Studios Hollywood

The 5 Best Things to Do at Universal Studios Hollywood
Our best tips for things to do off the rides at Universal!
We all know the rides at Universal Studios Hollywood can have you rolling and tumbling through the Simpson’s home town Springfield one minute and screaming as you swoop backwards round the Mummy’s sarcophagus coaster the next, but what other things are must-do’s for your trip to the park?

1. Get a donut as big as your face at Lard Lad Donuts

On a recent trip to Universal Studios Hollywood, the ATD team got sticky and covered in sprinkles, in the name of research of course, with one of these pink glazed donuts from Lard Lad Donuts. It’s part of the Simpsons Springfield attraction, where you can also get a Duff beer from Mo’s Tavern or a delicious burger and fries at Krusty Burger! You could choose to share it…or just keep it to yourself of course!


Universal Studios Hollywood


2. Get in early to the WaterWorld show

Get there nice and early (around 30 minutes before the start) to get a good seat either in the splash zone or out of it, depending on your preference. The stadium fills up very quickly, and it gives you a good opportunity to catch some sunshine while you wait.  If you’re sat in the splash zone, be prepared to get very wet during the pre-show entertainment, which is worth getting in early for. I’ll say no more, but you have been warned!


WaterWorld Show Universal Studios Hollywood


3. Have your photo taken with a minion

You’re never too old to get your picture taken with a minion in our eyes, and these cute little yellow fellas are undoubtedly going to steal your heart. After you’ve ridden the Despciable Me Minion Mayhem ride, you can even enjoy their dance moves at the Minion disco! They’re milling around the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride causing mischief, but you can also ask any park employee to point you in the right direction for character appearance times and their locations.


Minion Photo Universal Studios Hollywood


4. Go behind the scenes on the backlot VIP tour

Upgrade to the VIP experience and get exclusive access to the costume and props department, where you will find all your favourite outfits and iconic pieces from the films you know and love. You also have the opportunity to get off the private trolley tour and walk around sets from Universal’s much loved films and TV shows, many of which were shot at the park. Receive exclusive behind-the-scenes info and gossip from your private tour guide as you stroll down Wisteria Lane, or get your photo taken in front of the town hall from Back to the Future!


Universal Studios Hollywood Tour


5. Get your game face on for the Jurassic Park ride

Everyone’s looking for the perfect rollercoaster photo to complete their theme park experience, so why not give it a go on the Jurassic Park ride? With an 84-foot drop after an attack from a 50-foot T-Rex, you’ll need to keep your wits about you for that perfect photo finish! The photo is taken just as you start the drop…so make sure you look into the camera and give your best dinosaur impression as you teeter over the death-defying plunge. If you don’t want to get wet, make sure to bring a poncho!


Jurassic Park Ride Photo Universal Studios Hollywood


We loved our trip to Universal Studios Hollywood and we think you will too! Tickets start from just £56 for adults and include a second day at the park absolutely free! Find out more by clicking here and adding happiness! 

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