Golden Circle & Sky Lagoon

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On this day tour, filled with exploration and relaxation, we start with the famous Golden Circle before heading to Iceland's latest geothermal spa, The Sky Lagoon.

Our guide to Golden Circle & Sky Lagoon

Visiting the sights of the Golden Circle has long been an essential part of coming to Iceland.

Beginning at the Geysir geothermal area, visitors witness the captivating eruption of geysers, showcasing the Earth's raw power. Then, onto Gullfoss, the majestic "Golden Waterfall," where thunderous cascades of glacial meltwater create a mesmerizing spectacle. Finally, the journey concludes at Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site steeped in history, where visitors stroll amidst ancient ruins and dramatic rift valleys. Together, these destinations offer a captivating glimpse into Iceland's natural wonders and rich cultural heritage.

After immersing yourself in Iceland's stunning landscapes, it's time to indulge in the therapeutic waters of the Sky Lagoon.

Nestled just beyond Reykjavik lies the Sky Lagoon, a remarkable thermal spa where the meeting of ocean and sky feels like the edge of the world. Rooted in Iceland's natural wonders, beauty, and warmth, the lagoon offers a haven for rejuvenation and relaxation, catering to the mind, body, and soul with its pure geothermal waters.

Indulge in Sky Lagoon's seven-step ritual to soothe your mind, body, and soul. The 7-step ritual is a truly unique journey that's at the heart of Iceland's newest geothermal experience.

The 7-step ritual

1) The Lagoon - Immerse yourself in the tranquil waters of the lagoon, enveloped by the invigorating ocean breeze. Take in the natural warmth, surrender to the serene ambience, and soak in the breathtaking vistas.
2) The Cold Plunge - Awaken your senses with a plunge into icy waters inspired by Iceland's ancient pools. Experience the rejuvenating effects of cold therapy, boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation, and triggering a rush of natural endorphins.
3) Sauna -  Let the sauna's heat purify your skin, opening pores and eliminating toxins, all while marvelling at panoramic views through Iceland's largest window.
4) Cold Mist - Balance the heat by stepping through an invigorating cold mist. Feel your senses come alive once more as your mind, body, and soul are revitalized.
5) Sky Body Scrub - Revitalize your skin with the signature Sky Body Scrub, enriched with almond and sesame seed oils. Slowly exfoliate, feeling the rejuvenating effects both inside and out.
6) Steam - Let the steam open your pores once again, allowing your skin to absorb the therapeutic elements of The Ritual and maximizing the hydrating benefits of the Sky Body Scrub. 
7) Shower - Close your eyes, revel in the results, and savour the moment. From head to toe, inside and out, feel the profound relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewed energy. 



Picks up from most hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavik

Start times

Daily. 10.00am with hotel pick-ups from approximately 30 minutes prior to that time.


9 hours and 30 minutes

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Golden Circle & Sky Lagoon

  • Although your booking will be confirmed, tickets will not be available to download until 30 days before your visit date.
  • In the event of inclement weather, road closures or other causes which may impact your hotel pick-up, you will be advised of the nearest collection point. It is the customer's responsibility to be at this location in order to be collected.
  • You will be required to present a printed copy of your voucher at the time of tour departure.
  • Pick-up from hotels and guesthouses starts 30 minutes before the tour departure time. You will be advised of specific times upon reconfirmation locally.
  • Returning from your tour, you will be dropped off at the pick-up point you were collected from or at the closest possible point.
  • Remember to bring a swimsuit.
  • Warm clothes, a waterproof jacket, and sturdy shoes are recommended
  • Thermal layers, a winter hat, scarf, gloves, and warm socks for colder days are recommended
  • Minimum Age is 12.
  • There is a 3 alcoholic drink limit per adult at the Sky Lagoon and anyone who is intoxicated is not allowed to access the Sky Lagoon.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Free cancellations for bookings cancelled with the operator up to 72 hours before your chosen activity date. No refunds are given for cancellations made within 72 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions for Golden Circle & Sky Lagoon

General Information

  • How warm is the Sky Lagoon?

    The lagoon is approximately 38 – 40°C (100 – 104° F). Icelandic weather can often have a dramatic effect on the guest experience and the temperature can vary.

Facilities & Amenities

  • What’s available in the changing rooms?

    There are two tiers of changing facilities:

    • The Pure Pass has shower cubicles and a shared changing area.
    • The Sky Pass has private showers and private changing areas.

    Towels are free of charge for all guests and hairdryers are available in both.

Clothing & Accessories

  • Can I buy or rent swimwear at Sky Lagoon?

    Yes. If you forget your swimwear the Sky Lagoon offers swimsuits and swim trunks for rent at reception. Showering without a swimsuit is required before entering the lagoon. Bathing suits are obligatory in the lagoon area and the Seven-Step Ritual.