A Universal Cinematic Spectacular for Universal's 100th Anniversary!

A Universal Cinematic Spectacular for Universal's 100th Anniversary!
Universal Orlando reveals the piece de resistance for the theme park's 100th Anniversary Celebration!
Universal reveals the highlight of its 100th Anniversay Celebration will be a nighttime spectacular that pays homage to Universal's movie back catalogue...

Plans for Universal’s 100th Anniversary Celebration has been revealed and we can confirm that it’s going to be absolutely huge. The piece de resistance has been titled ‘Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular’ and will dazzle those with Universal tickets with bright lights, pyrotechnics and narration from the iconic actor Morgan Freeman.

Images from Universal’s movie back catalogue will be projected onto three giant screens by Universal Studios’ lagoon and will last twenty minutes. "This is very much a big end-of-day spectacular," said Jim Timon, Universal Orlando's senior VP of entertainment. "This is the big show we send our guests off with, with the Universal brand and message and emotion and impact."

Keep checking back here for the launch of Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular! If you can’t wait one more minute, get your Universal tickets ready!