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Mai Thai lazy River at Siam Park in Tenerife

The 10 Best Water Parks in the World

By FCostick 01 Feb 2024

Need to cool off? Here's the crème de la crème of water fun parks

When summer has finally arrived and temperatures start to climb, everyone wants just one thing: to get into the cool water!

Couple riding Blackout water slide at Aquaventure Dubai

A Handy Guide for What to Wear to a Water Park

By AFordyce 08 Mar 2023

Need some help?

It might seem obvious, but do you know what you should be wearing to a water park?

Two children being shown a brightly coloured parrot

Our Favourite Destinations for a Sunny Attractions Holiday

By AFordyce 08 Feb 2023

The perfect getaways for winter and spring

Tired of jumpers and coats? You don’t have to go far to start topping up your tan during the UK’s colder months.

Concept art of Atlantis Aquaventure with the Guinness Wold Record logo

Atlantis Aquaventure Breaks Guinness World Record!

By AFordyce 19 Oct 2022


The water park now officially has the most waterslides in the world!

Free Things to do in Dubai

Free Things to do in Dubai

By Anonymous 11 Oct 2019

Drenched in opulence and glamour, Dubai doesn’t have to be an expensive trip away.

Think there’s nothing free to do in Dubai? Think again. The city actually has a range of cultural attractions and entertainment, which visitors can enjoy at no cost.

Five Reasons to Visit Dubai in November

Five Reasons to Visit Dubai in November

By Anonymous 02 Oct 2019

Escape the winter blues with a trip to sunny Dubai this November.

There’s only two seasons in Dubai - hot, and hotter! This makes it the perfect destination for a winter holiday, where you can still pretend it’s summer and enjoy the many things the city has to offer.

A Guide to Aquaventure: Dubai's Biggest Waterpark

Five Reasons to Visit Aquaventure: Dubai's Biggest Waterpark

By Anonymous 29 Jul 2019

Cool off in Dubai at the country’s best waterpark!

Curious about Aquaventure, Dubai’s largest waterpark? Read our blog and discover five reasons why you should visit.

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting a Water Park

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting a Water Park

By Anonymous 23 Mar 2015

Tips for Visiting a Water Park

Make the most of your visit to a water park with this handy guide, which includes tips from expert bloggers.

Five Things You Can Only Experience in Dubai!

Five Things You Can Only Experience in Dubai!

By Anonymous 08 Sep 2014

Take a look at these five amazing experiences exclusive to Dubai!

There is nowhere on earth quite like Dubai! It’s a unique city where anything is possible and the dazzling new high rise can be enjoyed along with amazing history and natural attractions with many experiences that can’t be found anywhere else on earth…

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