The Forbidden Forest Opens Today at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

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The Forbidden Forest Opens Today at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour
Go behind the scenes of the Harry Potter movies!
For the first time ever, get ready to step into the Forbidden Forest at the Warner Bros Studio Tour- The Making of Harry Potter...

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll be excited to hear that a brand new expansion is opening today at the Warner Bros Studio Tour. While the Forbidden Forest has always been strictly off-limits to all Hogwarts students, guests are now invited to step inside and explore…at their own risk!

If you’re not familiar with the Warner Bros Studio Tour, it’s the ultimate behind the scenes tour for all things Harry Potter. Located in Leavesden, the studios were used for more than ten years to film the iconic Harry Potter series, meaning everything you see is authentic and actually featured in the movies. You’ll be able to see real sets, props and costumes as you discover how the magic was created.

The Forbidden Forest is home to all kinds of mysterious creatures, and no one knows them better than Hagrid, the beloved Care of Magical Creatures professor. As you walk through the Hogwarts gates, you’ll see one of Hagrid’s original costumes on display, lantern in hand, welcoming you into the dark, eerie forest. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a scene from the movie as you venture deeper and deeper into the unknown.

Check out the video below to see what you can expect…



The forest has been recreated by the award-winning team that worked on the movies, including Oscar and BAFTA winning production designer Stuart Craig, construction manager Paul Hayes and BAFTA winning creature and makeup effects designer Nick Dudman. The incredible theming runs throughout and features 19 towering trees, each 12-foot wide in diameter.

Expect amazing special effects and plenty of surprises along the way. One of the highlights includes an encounter with a life-sized model of Buckbeak, the majestic Hippogriff. Not all creatures in the forest are friendly though. Prepare to be scared as you finally come face to face with Aragog! As you approach, the terrifying arachnid will emerge from his lair with his “spiderlings”, and one thing’s for sure, he’s not pleased that you’ve disturbed him.


Warner Bros Studio Tour- The Making of Harry Potter

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That’s not all though! There are so many exciting things to see on the studio tour. Our favourites are Dumbedore’s grand office, the Weasley’s magical house, Professor Snape’s potions classroom and of course the Great Hall (this one will take your breath away!). You can also try the famous Butterbeer (a creamy caramel flavoured drink), walk through Diagon Alley and even fly a broomstick! There will be plenty of selfie opportunities too- the flying Ford Anglia is not to be missed.

The new expansion will be a permanent attraction on the Warner Bros Studio Tour, making the experience even more exciting than before!


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