Six Flags Magic Mountain

Experience pulse-pounding coasters, dining, shopping, entertainment and attractions for all at Six Flags-Magic Mountain!

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Experience pulse-pounding coasters, dining, shopping, entertainment and attractions for all at Six Flags-Magic Mountain! fun for all the family.

This 260-acre theme park features world-class rollercoasters and over 100 rides, games, and attractions for the brave, the young, and the young at heart. Adrenaline junkies won't be able to resist these hair-riasing, heart pumping thrill rides, whilst familes will forever be talking about the memories made in this park that is fun for all!

Our guide to Six Flags Magic Mountain

Among the park's first-rate rollercoasters and thrill rides are X2, the world's only 5th-dimensional roller coaster; Tatsu, the tallest, fastest, and longest flying coaster; and Full Throttle, the World’s tallest looping coaster. Or if you’re looking for something different, check out the floor-less rollercoaster Scream. Also, don’t pass up the chance to cool off aboard any of the park’s three water rides.

And, even if defying gravity isn’t your cup of tea, the park has family-friendly offerings too.

Take a spin on the Grand Carousel, Road Runner Express, or Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls. Also, don’t miss getting a snap with your kid’s favourite Looney Tunes characters. Little ones can have their pictures taken next to Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, and more.

Then, strike a pose, snap a photo, be your own hero! Meet with your favourite members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE

And with twenty-four dining venues dot the park, with everything from the Full Throttle Sports Bar & Grill to Panda Express on offer, you don'tneed to venture far for to refuel.

See below for a select list of rides: 


Our guide to Six Flags Magic Mountain



Minimum Height Required: 48 inches

Head into the bunker and get ready to launch into the front line of battle on this blazingly fast drive into sci-fi combat. Future war has turned the world into a bleak, burned out wasteland and you are living the aftermath. Apocalypse is the all-wooden roller coaster that rips through this ominous desert on an ultra-fast track. You’ve gotta ride like the wind to escape.


batman six flags mm


Minimum Height Required: 52 inches

BATMAN The Ride will show you what it feels like to be BATMAN, on this deeply intense juggernaut that is definitely not for the timid. Show your strength and bravery as you take on GOTHAM’s criminal element. Once you’ve gotten your fill touring the shady, decaying backstreets of GOTHAM CITY, load up in the batcave for a dark and riveting adventure. You’re about to fight crime with your feet just dangling free in the air through 2,700ft./822.96m of track.




Minimum Height Required: 33 inches with an Adult, 36 inches without

At a record-breaking 170 feet in the air, CraZanity reaches speeds up to 75-miles-per-hour, as it swings back and forth—higher and higher giving riders a staggering view of the world below.

Gold Rusher

Gold Rusher

Minimum Height Required: 48 inches

Travel back to the days of the California gold rush, when brave prospectors traveled deep into the mountains looking for those elusive golden nuggets. You’ll dive into an old mining car for this crazy ride through the treacherous hills of the frontier. Gold Rusher was the very first roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and this rip roarin’ ride is as fun today as it was the day it opened.



Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom

Minimum Height Required: 48 inches

LEX LUTHOR’s corporation LexCorp is certainly up to no good.  LEX is bent on world domination, and he’s starting by destroying your sanity on this thrilling descent. This is the tallest and fastest drop tower on the planet – the ultimate free fall!




Merrie Melodies Carousel

Minimum Height Required: None with adult; 36 inches to ride alone

Bugs Bunny World has its very own carousel, a mini country fairground replica even the smallest cowboys and cowgirls will love to ride.  Saddle up on the friendly horse of your choice – you can almost hear them neigh as they gently bob up and down in time to the music.



Pepe Le Pew's Tea Party

Minimum Height Required: 42 inches

It was love at first sight when skunky Pepe Le Pew first saw his lady—too bad she was a cat!  But that didn’t stop smelly Pepe, he’s just too romantic to quit.  Now your little gang of skunks can feel just as woozy as Pepe does chasing his true love, on this spinning set of mini-teacups.


Roaring Rapids

Minimum Height Required: 42 inches

Gear up for the ultimate white-water river rafting experience, on the very first man-made rapids built in the Western U.S.  You and your team of 11 riders will launch into the wettest wilderness adventure west of the Rockies.


Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers

Minimum Height Required: 42 inches

Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers are part of Bugs Bunny World and is our fourth roller coaster — more than any other U.S. theme park!


SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton

Minimum Height Required: 48 inches

Tunnel deep into SUPERMAN’s icy Fortress of Solitude to face the ultimate challenge—1,315 feet of track that bends straight up into the sky 415 feet high!



Minimum Height Required: 54 inches

Sitting proudly at the top of Samurai Summit, you’ll see a fierce beast made of bright orange, and green steel.  This is no ordinary coaster…this is a dragon.


Twisted Colossus

Minimum Height Required: 48 inches

Wood meets steel as the iconic “woodie” returns as the new Twisted Colossus — the longest, most innovative hybrid coaster in the world. 



Minimum Height Required: 54 inches

Since it was built Viper has been one of the tallest and fastest looping roller coasters in the world. Just looking at Viper’s collection of loops from the ground will boggle the mind, but there’s only one way to truly appreciate the extreme intensity of a vertical loop, and that’s to ride it!

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • You will be sent a dated Six Flags - Magic Mountain Ticket
  • Tickets allow one admission to Six Flags - Magic Mountain
  • Parks, attractions or entertainment may change operating hours, close due to refurbishing, capacity, weather, or special events, and may otherwise change or be discontinued without notice and without liability.
  • Not valid for admission to certain events and activities that are separately priced.
  • Most rides have minimum height requirements. Check online before heading to the park. 
  • The park is wheelchair accessible and stroller accessible. 
  • Children under two enter for free
  • *Cancellation Policy: Free cancellations for bookings cancelled up to your holiday departure date. No refunds are given for cancellations made post-departure.


Frequently Asked Questions for Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • Is the park in downtown L.A.? No, the park is located in Santa Clarita, 35 miles northwest of downtown L.A. 
  • Is the park wheelchair accessible?  The park is wheelchair accessible and stroller accessible.

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