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  • 4 stars:

    Great place so full of history and it’s most certainly beautiful inside but extremely busy. We arrived for 12.30 with our tour, so zi would recommend an earlier morning visit, So felt you do not get enough time to stand and read anything. You’re really just quickly walking through looking and moving on. Wouldn’t recommend for young children. Gardens are beautiful, spectacular, and they have a small cart that takes you round to see them. Bus picked us up on time from outside the Pullman Hotel and took us there. I would say the 2.5hrs was enough time.

    Suzie reviewed Palace of Versailles 16 Jul, 2024

  • 4 stars:

    Great tour & simple online process

    Sam Thompson reviewed Palace of Versailles 27 Aug, 2019

  • 2 stars:

    Very poor- attractions had forgotten to book the tickets with the local agent, so had to pay again when we arrived to catch the bus to Verailles. However, Attrations were very helpful afterwards and we were reimbursed immediately. The tour is meant to be skip the line- it's not- 45 min to get in- which took a lot of time off a very short tour- felt very rushed, even though it was self guided. Didn't go into the gardens, as there was no time, and an extra charge of €8 each- not worth it for 5 minutes look- so had to make do with a glimpse via the Palace windows. Would not recommend this tour at all. Do it yourself- you will need a whole day for the size of the place and gardens.

    Trusted Customer reviewed Palace and Gardens of Versailles 26 Aug, 2016

  • 4 stars:

    Not enough time at the venue

    Trusted Customer reviewed Palace and Gardens of Versailles 03 Sep, 2015