Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Tickets to PortAventura Park and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park

These terms and conditions for purchase of tickets (hereinafter the Conditions of Purchase), govern the acquisition on the part of the user (hereinafter the User) of tickets for admission to PortAventura Park and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park (hereinafter Tickets) offered by Port Aventura Entertainment, S.A.U. (hereinafter PAESAU) through the Website. These Conditions of Purchase are supplemented by the General Terms and Conditions for Access and Use of the Website (hereinafter the General Conditions), which the User must consult through the link on the main page of said Website prior to beginning their purchase, and which will be understood as having been accepted by way of acceptance of these Conditions of Purchase. 

Hereafter, and for the purposes hereof, the following definitions will apply: 
-PortAventura Park: The PortAventura theme park. 
-Costa Caribe Aquatic Park: The Costa Caribe Aquatic Park water theme park. 
-Tickets: Tickets can be purchased through the Website at any time and are specified during the purchase. In any case, the purchase of Tickets requires that PortAventura Park and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park are open to the public and there are places available at said Parks. 

The User who purchases Tickets through the Website agrees to uphold the Operation Rules of PortAventura Park, Costa Caribe Aquatic Park and other specific regulations in effect. Said rules are available to the User at the Visitor Service Offices of PortAventura Park and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, and can be provided to the User upon request. 

The User agrees to use the Ticket purchasing service through the Website in conformity with the Law, with the provisions of these Conditions of Purchase and of the General Conditions, and in keeping with ethical standards, generally accepted moral standing and public order. The User will not use the Website for illegal or illicit ends, contrary to the terms of these Conditions of Purchase and the General Conditions, or in a way that harms the rights and interests of PAESAU or third parties, or that could in any other way damage, disable, overload or negatively affect the Website, hindering its normal use by the Users 

Express acceptance of these Conditions of Purchase will occur upon clicking the button labelled I have read and accept the terms and conditions of purchase, found on theSelect Delivery Method screen of Step 2 of the Ticket purchasing process, and implies strict and complete adherence to these Conditions of Purchase in the version published at the time the purchase process began. As a result, it is the responsibility of the User to carefully read the Conditions of Purchase on each of the occasions he/she intends to purchase Tickets from the Website. If the User does not agree with the terms of these Conditions of Purchase or of the General Conditions, he/she must therefore abstain from using the Website. Likewise, without the express acceptance of these Conditions of Purchase, Tickets cannot be purchased from the Website. 

PAESAU reserves the right to refuse or deny access and/or use of the Ticket purchasing service on the Website at any time and with no need for prior notice to Users who provide false information or who in any other way fail to uphold the General Conditions or the Conditions of Purchase. 

PAESAU does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Ticket purchasing service governed hereby, and is exempt from all liability for damages of any kind resulting from the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of said Ticket purchasing service. Likewise, PAESAU does not guarantee the reliability of its Website or access to the Ticket purchasing service. 

The User may print the Conditions of Purchase during the purchasing process. 


The User claims to be of legal age, in accordance with his/her national jurisdiction, and to possess the legal capacity necessary in order to be bound by these Conditions of Purchase and the General Conditions, as well as to use and, where appropriate, purchase through the Website, in conformity with the aforementioned Conditions. With regard to the aforementioned Conditions, the User claims to have read them, and to understand and accept them in full. 

This Website has been developed for the benefit of end customers, and as such, the services that can be accessed through said Website are not aimed at wholesale companies, retail companies, or any other type of intermediary, be it from the leisure, tourism or any other sector. As a result, the User acknowledges and accepts that the Website is solely and exclusively for personal use, hereby stating that the products or services acquired or purchased through the Website will be for his/her own use and consumption, while he/she is responsible for the access, use or consumption of the products or services offered on the Website on the part of third parties that access, use and purchase on his/her behalf. In this regard, the User expressly and fully accepts that access to and use of the Website and its services is made under his/her exclusive responsibility. 

PAESAU offers special rates and conditions for groups of 20 or more people purchasing the same ticket type to the same park. Therefore, we suggest that any User who wishes to purchase 20 or more units contact the Customer Service Centre for more information regarding special group rates: 

Phone: 902 20 22 20 (from Spain) or +34 977 77 90 90 (from abroad)
E-mail: [email protected] 

The User states that all information he/she provides during use of the Website, and in particular during the Ticket purchasing process, is true, accurate and complete. 


The user states that he/she knows and accepts that only the full completion of the Ticket purchase procedure (hereinafter the Ticket Purchase) set forth on the Website and finalized with the confirmation of the purchase on the part of the User in the Confirmation dialogue box constitute a full, formal and effective request for Ticket Purchase. In no case shall the partial execution of the purchase procedure on the part of the User imply the creation of a contractual or pre-contractual relationship between the User and PAESAU. 

Tickets that can be acquired through the Website, pursuant to the procedure established in this Clause and as per the remaining Conditions of Purchase, shall be valid for entry to the facilities corresponding to each ticket type, exclusively for the dates or, where appropriate, periods established in the conditions of the sale. 

PAESAU is hereby exempt from all liability for any damages that may result from the User's breach of the Ticket Purchase procedure as described in this Clause, as well as the rest of the Conditions of Purchase. 

The procedure to be followed is detailed below. 

III.I. Ticket Purchase Procedure 

The User must complete the corresponding Ticket Purchase procedure made available on the Website, indicating the information required on said Website. 

The User begins the Ticket Purchase procedure upon clicking the Buy Now link.. 

During the Ticket Purchase procedure, the User must complete the following steps: 


A. Select ticket type
The User may select from the different Ticket types for the available periods of time or seasons.B. Select quantity and add to cart
The User must indicate in the corresponding boxes the number of Tickets he/she has selected and add them to the shopping cart by clicking on the corresponding button. 

The purchase of Tickets that include entry to Costa Caribe Aquatic Park may only be made for the dates available on the calendar provided on the Website, and the User must select the day of the park visit. The User will view the Ticket type, its unit price with VAT included and the units he/she has selected of said Tickets. 

The prices of the Tickets are as established on the Website at all times, according to the dates and other concrete circumstances surrounding each Ticket, except in the case of any spelling or typing error, while PAESAU reserves the right to modify these Conditions of Purchase.C. Your Shopping Cart
The User views the Purchase of Tickets as accumulated up to the moment.D. Enter your Information
The User's personal information, as needed for the Ticket Purchase, will be requested, identifying required fields with a (*), as well as other optional information that PAESAU deems appropriate, always in keeping with the purposes referred to in Clause IV of these Conditions of Purchase.Once the aforementioned information has been duly entered, the User must click theContinue button to proceed with the Ticket Purchase. 



E. Your Shopping Cart
The User will view the Ticket Purchase as accumulated up to the moment, with indication of the total amount for such purchase, including VAT. 

A menu for currency exchange is provided to the User, in order to consult the value of the Ticket Purchase in the currency selected.F. Payment Information
The User must enter the payment information requested in order that the charge corresponding to the Ticket Purchase can be made.G. Select Delivery Method
The User will view the information he/she has entered in Section D above. In the event he/she detects any error in said information, the User may correct such error but clicking the Return button. 

The Purchase of Tickets made through the Website requires that these Conditions of Purchase be read and accepted, as well as the General Conditions that may apply, clicking on the link that reads, I have read and accept the terms and conditions of purchase. Otherwise, the Ticket Purchase cannot be completed. 

After clicking the Continue button, the User accesses the Print your Tickets dialogue box, from which he/she will access the menu in which the User must enter the full name of the visitors, that is, of the people who will use each of the Tickets purchased. It is essential that the User enter this information, given that the Tickets are issued in the name of each visitor, and a document proving their identity will be requested upon entry to the facilities. 

In the case of Tickets for children without any document proving their identity, the User must enter the name of the adult who will accompany them during their visit, who in turn must also have their own corresponding Ticket. 

By clicking the Continue button, the User will access a new Confirmation dialogue box, where confirmation will be requested regarding acceptance of the Conditions of Purchase and authorization of the charge of the total amount for said purchase through the payment method indicated. 

At this time, the User may: confirm and accept the Ticket Purchase should he/she be in agreement, clicking the confirmation button; modify the purchase should he/she wish to make any corrections, in which case the User will return to the prior screen by clicking the x; or cancel the purchase should he/she not wish to continue with the Ticket Purchase, clicking the buttons available in the browser in order to do so. 

The purchase shall be deemed complete once the User accepts the corresponding confirmation of the Ticket Purchase as referred to in the preceding paragraph, and provided that PAESAU has received the payment for said purchase. 

Once the purchase is confirmed, the Website does not provide means to identify and correct errors made when entering information; in order to do so, the User may contact the Customer Service Centre as referred to in the preceding Clause II.STEP 3


  • On this screen, PAESAU will notify the User that the Ticket Purchase was successfully completed, and will send an e-mail that includes the Tickets, which the User can print at any time. The same screen will indicate a purchase ID number, for use in the event the User cannot print the purchased Tickets. 

    The User will view the summary of the Ticket Purchase in the print tickets dialogue box, where the code for said tickets is also indicated, as well as the description of the Tickets, units, the day(s) of visit where appropriate, and the visitor information as entered by the User, for each of the Tickets purchased. Finally, the selected method of payment is viewed and authorized, as well as the total amount of the purchase including VAT. 

    Likewise, and through the same dialogue box, the User may immediately select and print the purchased Tickets he/she wishes. 

    The User and the visitors he/she selects must have the corresponding printed tickets or the aforementioned purchase ID, to be shown on the day of the visit. 

    The electronic document will be stored on the computer system of PAESAU, but cannot be directly accessed by the User.

III.II. Changes in the Ticket Purchase and voiding or cancelling Tickets 

Changes to purchases cannot be made through this Website; the User in such case may contact the aforementioned Customer Service Centre. 

No Ticket Purchase made through this Website can be voided or cancelled, and as such, no amount will be refunded. 

III.III. Additional Services 

Request for additional services, to include any services that must be hired and that are not included in the Tickets offered by PAESAU on the Website, must be made by the User directly at the PortAventura facility that provides the corresponding additional service. The amount must be paid at the aforementioned facility, in the manner and time established at said facility for this purpose. The aforementioned services cannot be hired through the Website. 


PAESAU hereby informs you that the personal information you provide us will be included in our files for purposes relating to the reservation and purchase of tickets for admission to our facilities, as well as the receipt of information related to our activities, products and services. 

Some information is required in order to process the reservation, and failure to provide such information will make the processing of said reservation impossible. All the information collected by this form will be stored and handled according to the legally established confidentiality and security regulations. 

We also hereby inform you that you may exercise you right to access, correct, cancel and oppose the above through the e-mail address [email protected], or through written notice sent with a copy of your national identification document, addressed to Port Aventura Entertainment, S.A.U. (Asesoría Jurídica), Avda. Alcalde Pere Molas, Km 2; C.P. 43480, Vila-seca (Tarragona). 

The User agrees that PAESAU may introduce fragments of information onto the hard drive of the User's computer when he/she accesses the Website (hereinafter referred to as Cookies). Said Cookies are included in order to provide information on visits made by Users, allowing for analysis of traffic generated by said Users. In this manner, PAESAU will obtain additional information regarding the characteristics of the Users that visit the Website, allowing it to provide personalized services and to improve the contents of its Website, thus resulting in a benefit to the User. 

The User may at any time deactivate the personalization system of the Website. Most browsers accept the use of Cookies automatically, while the User can change the browser's configuration to delete Cookies, without affecting the User's ability to continue using the majority of the services offered on the Website. 


This Website has been created in good faith by PAESAU with information from internal and external sources, is offered in its current state to the Users, and may contain inaccuracies or errors. 

PAESAU makes no statement and offers no guarantee of any kind, be it by explicit or implicit terms, with regard to the functioning of the website or the information, contents, software, materials or products included on the website, or upon which its functioning is based. To the extent allowed by applicable legislation, PAESAU is relieved of any liability, be it explicit or implicit. PAESAU shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from the use of this Website, including but not limited to, damages of any nature caused in a direct or indirect manner. 

PAESAU is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that result from an interruption of the service on the part of the Website, as well as the continuity of said Website. 

Likewise, PAESAU is not responsible for potential security errors or deficiencies that may result from the use on the part of the User of an insecure or outdated browser version, as well as from the activation of User password or identification code storing devices in the browser, or for damages, errors or inaccuracies that may derive from the malfunctioning of the browser. 

The User shall be responsible for damages of any kind suffered by PAESAU as a result, be it directly or indirectly, of the User's breach of the General Conditions, and in particular of these Conditions of Purchase. 


If any of the clauses of these Conditions of Purchase are declared, in full or in part, null or void, such nullity shall affect only the provision or part thereof that is so declared, while all other terms and the rest of the Conditions of Purchase, remain valid, with such provision of part thereof thus removed, unless the essential nature of such provision to these Conditions of Purchase should affect the conditions in a comprehensive way. 


These Conditions of Purchase, as well as the General Conditions for Access and Use, and all related terms and conditions that may arise for the access and use of the Website between the User and PAESAU, shall be interpreted and governed pursuant to the Laws of Spain. 

For any disputes arising with regard to the existence, access, use or contents of the General Conditions, as well as the Conditions of Purchase, both parties expressly waive their right to request any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Tarragona.