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Alive with Magic

Go wild with your Disney Tickets at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Explore the realm of creatures that inhabit our world and our imagination, a place full of animal adventures, loveable creatures and spectacular shows with over 30 attractions throughout six unforgettable lands.

Our guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

The fun gets wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Use your Disney Tickets to create your own adventure for an experience that roars with excitement. It’s a wildly playful adventure like no other. And it's yours to live.

Here you can Discover Pandora - The World of Avatar! a distant world where floating mountains defy gravity. Where nature comes alive and mystical rivers flow. Enjoy the unique opportunity to fly on the back of a banshee, travel deep into a bioluminescent rainforest and walk under floating mountains. Watch the Swotu Waya Na’vi Drum Ceremony with its unique sounds and rhythms from the ‘sacred place of song’, witness the magical glow when the night sky comes alive and enjoy exploring your magnificent surroundings with cascading waterfalls and colourful plant life on this unforgettable expedition.

Come and explore Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park and discover:

Fun for Kids

  • Go deep inside the Tree of Life to discover why 'It’s Tough to be a Bug!' (Inspired by Disney/Pixar’s A Bug’s Life) a 3D animated creepy crawly adventure.
  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail: Explore a lush tropical forest inhabited by gorillas, hippos and exotic birds.
  • Finding Nemo: The Big Blue...And Beyond: based on Disney and Pixar’s film Finding Nemo, this exciting stage show invites you to discover the familiar tale from a whole new point of view.

Big Thrills

  • Avatar Flight of Passage: Fly on the back of a mountain banshee during an exhilarating 3D ride above this vast moon, only at Pandora – The World of AVATAR
  • Expedition Everest: This thrilling journey through the treacherous Himalayas features hairpin turns, high speeds and a hair-raising drop while avoiding the clutches of the mythic Yeti!
  • Kali River Rapids: Prepare to get soaked....really soaked!.. on a white-water rafting adventure through a lush jungle in the heart of Asia.

Family Fun

  • Festival of the Lion King: Delight in a breathtaking celebration of the circle of life in this Broadway-style show - a true feast for the senses, with extravagant theatrics, classic songs and a spectacular finale!
  • Na'vi River Journey: Embark on an exciting journey deep into a bioluminescent rainforest in search of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. Travel through the glowing rivers of Pandora and witness incredible animal species and beautiful foliage.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris: Travel amongst free-roaming wildlife as your open-sided safari vehicle takes you across acres of an African-style savannah, rivers and rocky hills. No two safaris are ever the same. It's a wild adventure!

Your Disney Tickets allow you to experience all of the above wonderful attractions as well as many more at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – click on the ‘Rides’ tab for a full list of fantastic attractions.


Our guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Avatar Flight of Passage

AVATAR Flight of Passage

Minimum Height Required: 113cm or taller

Fly on the back of a mountain banshee during an exhilarating 3D ride over a world full of wide-open spaces, jungle canopies and floating mountains. The Banshee is known to the Na’vi as one of the most important and culturally significant animals and you have the unique opportunity to fly on one! Soar through the skies and discover Pandora in all its glory on this hair-raising, one-of-a-kind adventure.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Kilimanjaro Safaris

The Kilimanjaro Safaris tour begins in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, across the river from Discovery Island. Climb aboard a rugged open-sided safari vehicle for an exciting expedition through the wildlife preserve. The ride can be a bit bumpy as it crosses rickety bridges, rocky hills and rivers—but you're rewarded with spectacular animal sightings.

Guests on Expedition Everest—Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Minimum Height Required: 113cm or taller

Expedition Everest is a high-altitude, high-speed, roller coaster train ride. Climb aboard a railway car sets out on an ascent towards the summit of Mount Everest. From this panoramic point with amazing views you plunge into darkness. Returning to the light, you see that the tracks have been twisted into a dead end. As the wind howls, you realize there's no place to go on this expedition—or is there?

Guests on Kali River Rapids, Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Kali River Rapids

Minimum Height Required: 97cm or taller

Kali River Rapids is an adventurous river raft ride that journeys through the rainforest on the churning Chakranadi River. Climb aboard a circular, 12-passenger raft and begin a 90-foot ascent and then drop into gushing geysers and drift under refreshing waterfalls. There are signs before boarding Kali River Rapids warning that you will get wet. You will. Maybe even soaked. Such a pleasant respite on a hot day.

Na’vi River Journey

Na’vi River Journey

Take a mystical journey by boat deep into Pandora’s glowing bio-luminescent rainforest. Glide through a series of caves and into the rainforest, where exotic glowing plants and amazing creatures surround you on all sides - even overhead.

Finding Nemo - The Musical

Finding Nemo - The Musical

It's a big, blue beautiful world, but not without its dangers. Finding Nemo – The Musical captures the heart, humor, characters and story from the Disney Pixar animated film Finding Nemo and adapts them into a mesmerizing Broadway-style musical stage show. The innovative lighting, sound, special effects and stunning theatrical puppets, some as large as cars, makes Finding Nemo – The Musical a must "sea" production.

The Bone Yard

The Boneyard

Everyone digs playing with dinosaurs! This fossil dig site is a fun-for-all play area where you can climb, slip, slide, slither, slosh and, of course, dig to your heart's content.

It's Tough to be a Bug!

It's Tough to be a Bug!

It's Tough to be a Bug! is an an 8-minute, 3D movie and multimedia show. Hosted by Flik, everybody's favorite ant, and his grasshopper friend, Hopper, from the Disney·Pixar film A Bug's Life. The supporting cast consists of cute and creepy crawlers like spiders, termites, beetles, weevils and butterflies. These amazing and amusing insects and arachnids invite you to be honorary bugs.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

Explore a lush tropical forest inhabited by gorillas, hippos and exotic birds. Meander along winding paths amid a lush forest trail of African flora and fauna. Spot an adorable meerkat on a rocky perch or an impressive Grevy's zebra on the savanna—before coming face to face with a gentle troop of western lowland gorillas on a grassy hillside—who are just as curious to see you as you are to see them!

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a sculpted 14-story (145-foot tall), 50-foot wide tree, where It's Tough to be a Bug show is performed. Paths known as Discovery Island Trails weave around and through this homage to nature. Stroll the trails to see a swirling tapestry of 325 animals carved into the bark of this massive attraction. Look for creatures like Galapagos tortoises, lemurs and cotton-top tarmarins.

Festival of the Lion King

Festival of the Lion King

Join the Circle of Life as you are surrounded by the pageantry, spectacle, magic and humor of "The Lion King" in this dazzling 30-minute big-as-Broadway live musical.



Minimum Height Required: 102cm or taller

DINOSAUR! Journey to the age of dinosaurs on a daring quest to bring back a living piece of history. Once you climb aboard an experimental CTX Time Rover, you'll want to buckle up. Your rover arrives in a dark prehistoric forest that's almost pitch black, suddenly an enormous animal appears—and it is not one of the friendly variety. Time travel can be one turbulent trip!


Frequently Asked Questions for Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Rides & Attractions

  • How big is Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    Disney's Animal Kingdom is the biggest of the all the Disney Parks in the world and spans 580 acres. This is because it is home to many incredible and exotic animals from Africa and Asia, and boats its own savannah, where guests can see these animals in their natural habitat. 

  • Is Disney's Animal Kingdom worth it?

    In a word - yes! In Disney's Animal Kingdom there are a variety of attractions and experiences to suit all tastes and ages including the jaw dropping land of Pandora - The World of Avatar, the irresistible Festival of the Lion King show and the thrilling excitement of Expedition Everest rollercoaster. We recommend spending at least a day in this incredible park, or more if your schedule allows. 

  • What is Disney's Animal Kingdom like?

    Disney's Animal Kingdom is divided into different lands offering a wide variety of attractions, experiences and shows while also being home to hundreds of species of animals. Here you can board the Kilimanjaro Safari where an expert guide will drive you around telling you all about the animals you might encounter including zebras, hippos, lions and more. In Pandora - The World of Avatar you can fly on a Banshee in the jaw-dropping Avatar Flight of Passage 3D ride, whilst over in DinoLand U.S.A. you can go back in time to the late Cretaceous Period on an adventure without parallels. Throughout the day you will be able to meet iconic characters including: Timon, Kevin from UP, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Lilo and Stitch, Pooh, Eeyore, Rafiki and much more.

  • Where can I see Disney characters in Animal Kingdom?

    Characters can be seen all around Disney's Animal Kingdom including Lilo & Stitch, Kevin and Dug, Timon, Pochahontas, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy amongst others. For up to date information on locations and times for the character encounters you can refer to the My Disney Experience site or app.

  • When do they feed the animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    The best times to view the animals are either during feeding time at around 4-5pm or early morning/dusk as this is when the animals are likely to be the most active. 

  • Are there snakes in Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    Disney's Animal Kingdom is home to a variety of animals, including a limited number of snakes which can be seen at Conservation Station in Rafiki's Planet Watch and Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

  • How long is the Kilimanjaro Safari ride in Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    The Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition ride is situated in the Africa land of Disney's Animal Kingdom. The experience is around 18 minutes long and jeeps will run continuously throughout the day. The best time to experience this ride will be either early morning or in the evening when the animals will most likely be more active outside of the midday heat.


  • Is Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World?

    Animal Kingdom is one of the 4 Disney theme parks in Orlando and home of many attractions and experiences centred around animal conservation and the natural environment with a mix of animal encounters and Disney animation themed experiences and characters.

  • How do I get to Disney's Animal Kingdom from Disney Springs?

    There is a regular shuttle service from Disney Springs to Animal Kingdom every 15 to 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can hop in a taxi or uber. The park is only a 15 minute drive from Disney Springs.

  • How far is Disney's Animal Kingdom from the other Disney parks in Florida?

    Disney's Animal Kingdom is a 12-minute drive from Magic Kingdom and around 10 minutes from Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Opening Information

  • What time does Animal Kingdom Open in Walt Disney World?

    Park opening times may vary depending on the day and season. We recommend checking ahead of time directly on the My Disney Experience app or website for up-to-date information.

  • When did Disney's Animal Kingdom first open?

    Disney's Animal Kingdom opened its gates on April 22nd 1998.

  • Is Disney's Animal Kingdom open in December?

    Disney's Animal Kingdom is open year round including the winter.

Ticket Information

  • What is Disney After Hours at Animal Kingdom?

    After Hours at Disney's Animal Kingdom is a separately ticketed event which allows you to access the park from the afternoon (usually around 7pm) and into the night past the normal closing time. Tickets are limited to a small number so you are guaranteed little-to-no-wait for some of the most popular rides that will remain open just for the after hours ticket holders. Disney's After Hours at Animal Kingdom is a limited time offer and only available on select nights. 

Fun Facts

  • Does Disney's Animal Kingdom have a Kevin pin?

    One of the best places for Disney pins in Disney's Animal Kingdom is the Discovery Trading Company. Pins are collectibles and Disney release new pins on a regular basis whilst discontinuing others, always keeping the variety fresh.

Clothing & Accessories

  • What should I wear to Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    The weather in Orlando is often hot and humid and Disney's Animal Kingdom is no different. We recommend wearing light clothing at most times of the year. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended. Comfortable shoes for this park are essential as this is the largest theme park in the world and you will be covering a lot of ground.

General Information

  • Does the Disney cable car run into Animal Kingdom?

    Disney's Skyliner cable car service is not available at Animal Kingdom. If you are staying on-site at any of the Disney hotels you can however utilize the complimentary resort shuttle busses which run regularly from your Disney hotel to Animal Kingdom and back.

  • Should I go to Disney's Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom?

    Why choose? Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom have very different atmospheres but both offer something for everyone. We personally can't choose between the two and would recommend experiencing both with the Disney Magic Ticket. Should you have limited time however you might want to consider the type of attractions and themes of the two parks and see what appeals to you most. You can find this information and more on our Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom pages.

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    Shelley Anderson reviewed Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park 21 Jul, 2024

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    Trusted Customer reviewed Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park 18 Jul, 2024

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    Trusted Customer reviewed Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park 16 Jul, 2024

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    It’s very expensive for Disney but 14 days is a must

    Trusted Customer reviewed Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park 15 Jul, 2024

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