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Discover city wonders with our iconic bus tours.

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of numerous cities throughout the UK, where historic landmarks and modern marvels blend seamlessly. Our expert-guided tours offer a vibrant tapestry of culture, architecture, and local charm. Uncover hidden gems, relish panoramic views, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of your chosen city’s captivating story. With City Sightseeing, every street becomes a new adventure, and every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Our guide to UK Hop-on Hop-Off Sightseeing Tours

Experience the joy of sightseeing with our unique buses and welcoming staff. Explore your selected city with either multilingual commentary or a live guide. Hop on and off at any bus stop along the route to discover all the best sights and attractions your chosen town or city has to offer.

There are a variety of Cities to Explore in the UK too choose from:

Uncover the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage site, Bath—a sanctuary of historical architecture and literary allure waiting to be explored.

The capital of Northern Ireland is a place many travellers want to visit. Don't miss the opportunity to discover it from a unique perspective on board City Sightseeing's red buses.

Experience the charm of Bournemouth and journey through picturesque stops, from sandy beaches to quaint villages along the stunning coastal resort.

Indulge in the richness of this vibrant city, boasting the iconic Royal Pavilion, Regency architecture, Victorian aquariums, and renowned attractions like Brighton Palace Pier.

Explore historic Cambridge on an open-top bus. Customize your route, enjoy multilingual audio commentary, and discover the city's iconic landmarks.

Explore the magnificent Scottish capital with all its history and culture.

Indulge in exceptional architecture, and immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of this beautiful Scottish city.

For the ultimate sightseeing experience in London, there's no better way than from the top of our red double-decker buses. You'll enjoy the very best views the city has to offer.

Home to the oldest University in Britain, Oxford is an architectural marvel. You'll get fantastic views of its honey-coloured buildings as well as glimpses of many of its Colleges' courtyards.

Stratford Upon Avon
A lively and compact town with a rich architectural heritage, offers an endless list of activities to explore!

Explore the rich English heritage of York with ease on our open-top buses, taking you to the finest attractions in this vibrant city. With numerous things to do and see, it's the perfect way to delve deeper into York's charm.

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