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Polecam, bilet na dowolny dzień👍🏻Bez stresu👍🏻Polecam

Kennedy Space Center

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 19 Nov, 2022

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With a massive array of one-of-a-kind hands-on exhibits and attractions, Kennedy Space Centre tickets provide a hugely entertaining and educational experience - there is nowhere on earth quite like it! Visit the Kennedy Space Center and add lift-off to your Orlando holiday experience.

Our guide to Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Located just one hour from Orlando, the world-famous Kennedy Space Center is a fascinating place where anything seems possible. Here you can meet a real-life Astronaut, walk amongst giant rockets, tour actual rocket launch areas, be wowed by stunning IMAX films, touch a piece of Mars and see the Space Shuttle Atlantis as if it were in space.

But that’s not all; the recent addition of the Shuttle Launch Experience to the Kennedy Space Center allows you to feel the full-on G forces of a space shuttle launch without years of training! 

More interactive than a museum, more inspirational than a science centre and more authentic and educational than a theme park, discover a host of breathtaking attractions with your Kennedy Space Center tickets:

  • New for 2022 - The present and future of collaborative space exploration comes to life at Gateway™: The Deep Space Launch Complex. See the spacecraft of today and the visionary designs paving the way for deep space travel in the future. Then, enter the spaceport of the future, Spaceport KSC. With your commander steering the path, launch aboard one of four unique journeys through the solar system and beyond during an immersive ride. 
  • Atlantis - See Space Shuttle Atlantis as if it were in space - raised 30 feet off the ground and rotated at a 43.21-degree angle with its payload bay doors open and Canadarm (robotic arm) extended. Enjoy 360-degree views of Atlantis including the wear and tear of its 33 missions apparent on its protective external tiles.
  • More than 60 interactive, touch-screen experiences and high-tech astronaut training simulators invite guests to “be the astronaut,” bringing to life the people, passion and patriotism behind NASA’s 30-year Space Shuttle Program as well as the complexity of the engineering marvel that launched the Hubble Space Telescope and built the International Space Station.
  • Incorporated into Space Shuttle Atlantis is the adjacent Shuttle Launch Experience, which simulates the vertical launch aboard the space shuttle. Guests are immersed in the sights, sounds and feelings of a space shuttle launch, designed under the guidance of NASA and veteran space shuttle astronauts.
  • Apollo/Saturn V Center - Relive the wonder and excitement of the Apollo era in this one-of-a-kind exhibit that celebrates the unprecedented achievement of putting a man on the moon. At its centre is the incredible 363-foot-long Saturn V moon rocket.
  • Experience the thrill of the space race with the launch of Apollo 8. Watch history unfold in the Firing Room as the first crewed Saturn V mission blasts into space.
  • See the real Lunar Module 9 with a life-sized scene from the Apollo 11 Moon landing at the Moonscape exhibit. While there, be sure to put your skills to the test in three interactive challenges!
  • IMAX® Films -In a giant IMAX theatre, the dream of space flight comes alive with a selection of mind-blowing 3D space films.
  • Celebrate the pioneers of NASA’s early space programs which inspired a nation to reach for the stars at the Heroes and Legends exhibition featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing®.
  • Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour - Access the restricted areas of NASA's Kennedy Space Center to see operational facilities for the history and future of American spaceflight.

Why do we love it!?

Kennedy Space Centre tickets provide the perfect accompaniment to the all-out action of the theme parks, providing a bit of stimulation for the old grey matter and leaving you with a real sense of awe. It is an educational experience for kids and adults alike, but this is never at the expense of a bit of fun.


Our guide to Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brings visitors nose-to-nose with Atlantis and invites them to “be the astronaut” with more than 60 interactive, immersive exhibits and simulators that highlight the people, passion and patriotism behind NASA’s program that launched the Hubble Space Telescope and built the International Space Station.

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour

Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour

Short of becoming an astronaut, there’s no better way to get a glimpse of Kennedy Space Center than on the Kennedy Space Center Tour (KSC Tour). Take a NASA bus for a drive-by view of a launch pad and then experience the historic Apollo 8 launch site and marvel at a massive 363-foot-long Saturn V moon rocket at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Apollo 8 and the Firing Room at Kennedy Space Center

Apollo 8 and the Firing Room

Relive the launch of the first crewed NASA mission to orbit the Moon in 1968 aboard the massive Saturn V rocket at the Firing Room Theater. Experience the countdown for Apollo 8 facing the actual consoles used during the Apollo launches as you see and feel the powerful Saturn V Moon rocket lift off from the launch pad and blast into space.

Moonscape at Kennedy Space Center


Moonscape is one of the most compelling new exhibits at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, featuring a scene from Apollo 11 when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong planted the American flag on the lunar surface. Get an up-close look at the vehicle that sheltered humans on the Moon and lifted them off the surface when the exploration was complete. Interactive challenges help further your understanding - Learn about each part of the lunar module and Apollo spacesuit, and see how far a golf ball will fly with the Moon’s lower gravitational pull. You can also practice landing and launching the lunar module and docking with the command service module.


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Polecam, bilet na dowolny dzień👍🏻Bez stresu👍🏻Polecam

- Kennedy Space Center

5 stars:

Trusted Customer reviewed 19 Nov,2022

It was great just a little dated .

- Kennedy Space Center

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Nicola Nixon reviewed 14 Sep,2022

todo perfecto antes y durante el viaje

- Kennedy Space Center

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Ivan Sanchez reviewed 09 Sep,2022

Todo perfecto y mucho más barato que si lo hubiéramos comprado allí.

- Kennedy Space Center

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Vanessa Gracia perez reviewed 02 Sep,2022

Tickets well explained and received very promptly.

- Kennedy Space Center

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Ken Gavin reviewed 01 Sep,2022

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