Northern Lights Iceland Deluxe

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Experience the sheer magic of the Northern Lights!

This specially extended tour gives you more time to get acquainted with Iceland's most celebrated and mischievous visitor - the dancing and entrancing Aurora Borealis.

Our guide to Northern Lights Iceland Deluxe

Experience the magical dance of the Northern Lights on this special extended Northern Lights tour that allows you many more hours to observe one of Iceland’s most celebrated and mischievous visitors.

For this tour, we have thrown in lots of treats to make sure you can enjoy the Aurora in tip-top comfort. Our very best coaches with reclining seats, extra legroom for every seat, head and footrests, seat back dining trays. We serve you complimentary coffee, hot chocolate and water and provide you with blankets to snuggle with and keep warm.

This extended Northern lights tour will give you plenty of time to view and photograph the Aurora and along the way our friendly guides will share some fun facts and stories with you. Over 25 years of operating Northern lights tours in Iceland has taught us how best to combine weather forecasts with experience to discover the best places to see the Northern lights.

Before every one of our tours we meet and decide on the best routes which means no two tours are the same. If the weather forecast predicts heavy clouds and we feel that chances of seeing the Northern lights are slim to none we cancel tours rather than sending our guests out on a wild goose chase.

Of course, seeing the Northern Lights can't be guaranteed. In the unfortunate circumstance of a fruitless trip, you will be offered a second tour (the Northern Lights Mystery) free of charge.

Top Tip - to give yourself the best opportunity to see the Northern Lights, it is recommended to book your tour for the first night of your trip to Iceland.


Frequently Asked Questions for Northern Lights Iceland Deluxe

General Information

  • Do the Northern Lights happen every night?

    Fortunately, the Northern Lights do occur frequently however, it will depend on the weather conditions as to whether you will be able to see them. The sky needs to be dark, clear of any clouds and you should be away from light pollution for best results.

  • When is best to book the Northern Lights?

    Many factors mean that the Northern Lights can’t always be seen. In summer, for example, the northern lights aren’t visible, as the light of the sun will be too strong. Even in winter, they won’t be on display all the time. Sometimes the night sky will be cloudy, or the light of the moon will be too bright. At other times, the aurora just won’t be strong enough to be visible.

    It is recommended to book your Northern Lights tour for the first night of your stay. In case your tour is cancelled due to bad weather, you will have time to reschedule for an alternative date.

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