Top Attractions to Visit in Canary Islands

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When we think of the Canary Islands, we immediately imagine pristine beaches with clear blue waters that are absolutely hard to resist.

There are popular places to bask under the sun such as Playa de Las Teresitas in Tenerife, and Playa de Maspalomas and Playa de las Canteras in Gran Canaria.

But apart from these world-class beaches, there are so many more things to do in the Canary Islands. You can visit some of its national parks.

You can choose among the four that are spread out all over the island group. Also, explore the charming city life such as in Santa Cruz in Tenerife and Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

Excited to experience the Canaries? Let’s take a look at some of the top attractions in the Canary Islands.

Playa de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

This is one of the top beaches found in the southern part of Gran Canaria. It is renowned for its old lighthouse from 1890 and the wondrous sand dunes.

Near the beach are numerous choices when it comes to restaurants and hotels.

For many travelers, they find the Playa de Maspalomas as the perfect place to base their vacation in the Canaries. You can visit the beach every day if you wish as it is for free.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Las Palmas is another great location to base your vacation. It is the largest city in the Canary Islands.

There, you have an array of choices when it comes to world-class attractions. There is a beach, the two and a half mile Playa de las Canteras. It is a very attractive shoreline in the city.

It is being protected by a barrier reef, so the waters are gentle and are great for swimmers of every age. The promenade at the back of the beach is perfect for a lovely sunset stroll.

For your shopping experience, go to Calle Triana and the other streets surrounding it. You’ll get to find H&M and Zara outlets. There are also other local boutiques and other Spanish chains.

To get the best experience, go there in the evening because the atmosphere of the place becomes more alive.

Calle Triana is about three miles from the Playa de las Canteras.

To feed your appetite for some history, visit the Catedral de Santa Ana which has been there for hundreds of years.

Building the cathedral began in 1500 while its facade was finished centuries later. It is known for its neoclassical style. This cathedral is just a ten-minute walk from Calle Triana.

Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo means “clouded rock.” It is aptly named as there is a rock formation that rises to about two hundred fifty feet up to the sky.

The rocks are a great destination because you can go there easily by hiking. It takes about an hour from the car park at La Goleta up to the top.

When you’ve reached the top, you’ll certainly enjoy the view. Clear days will allow you to see Tenerife’s Mount Teide across the horizon.

A tip when going to the car park is to go there early so that you can be sure that there’s still a spot for you. It can easily get crowded, especially in fine weather.

The monolith is open every day. It is found at the island’s center which is about twenty-seven miles from Las Palmas.

Parque Nacional del Teide, Tenerife

This national park covers about seventy-five miles in the central area of Tenerife. In it is the Teide volcano which towers among the natural features of the island at 12,198 feet. It is the tallest peak in Spain and is also the third largest volcano in the world. Don’t worry because the volcano is dormant.

Explore the many features of the park. Many visitors have said that the place almost resembles that of the moon because of its landscape and the interesting rock formation and the lava deposits that are of different colors. To see these features up close, the best way would be by walking. There are over twenty trails for you to choose from.

Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma

In this national park, there is a gigantic crater which is surrounded by numerous volcanic peaks. Lining it are waterfalls and streams with pine groves growing around them.

A popular way to navigate around the park is by hiking the trails. There is also an option to drive to the peaks such as El Roque de los Muchachos.

Before you start your drive or your hike, be sure to stop by at El Paso Visitors Center so you can better plan out your trip in this national park. The park is at La Palma’s center and is open from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can enter it for free.

Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote

The Timanfaya National park is found in the western part of Lanzarote.

There, it would seem like you’re on the moon’s cratered surface. A lot of the visitors have described the place as “extraterrestrial.”

Apart from that, you are sure to be impressed by the many geothermal features of the place. A few meters below the surface of the earth, the temperature can rise to seven hundred to over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

In displaying this great heat, the guides usually throw in water in the holes found on the ground, creating an excellent display of steam geysers.

The environment is very volatile so traversing the park on your own is not advisable. You may explore the area by coach tour, a walking tour which, or if you like, a camel tour even.


What do you think about these exciting options in the Canary Islands? Doesn’t it just make you want to go there the first chance you get?

There are many things that you can do and discover while you are there.

There are beaches, you can go shopping, explore natural parks, trek, learn from historical towns, you name it, the Canary Islands sure have those to offer you.

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