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More waterslides than any other water park in the world - it's a Guinness World Record!

Journey into the heart of excitement at Aquaventure, one of the world's largest and most thrilling waterparks. Discover record-breaking waterslides, raging white water rapids, family water coasters and even the region's first cliff-jumping experience! Set along a stunning waterfront location including its own private beach, it's no wonder Aquaventure Waterpark is recognised on TripAdvisor as the best waterpark in the Middle East and in the top 2 waterparks in the world.

Our guide to Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

With your Atlantis Aquaventure Ticket, you can experience all the excitement of Aquaventure, one of the largest and most thrilling water parks in the World featuring record-breaking waterslides from epic heights and turns to high-speed drops. 

Set in 22.5 tropical hectares, Aquaventure is overflowing with fun and features over 105 slides attractions and experiences including record-breakers and regional firsts such as Odyssey of Terror; the world’s tallest waterslide with a Double TornadoWAVE®, Shockwave; the longest family rafting water coaster in the world, Medusa's Lair; the first duelling PIPElineBLAST® Water Coaster slide in the region, Surf’s Up wave rider and Immortal Falls; the first Cliff jumping in the region. And it's all included in your Atlantis Water Park tickets.

Looking for something more relaxing, no problem! Use your Aquaventure Dubai Tickets to stretch out on a kilometre-long private sand beach or grab a tube and float your way around this beautiful park - Aquaventure boasts over a mile of inter-connected waterways. A variety of large pools with spacious sun decks are available along the way, allowing guests to easily dip in and out of the water at their leisure

For the young and the young at heart, Splashers Lagoon, Splashers Cove, Splashers Island and Splashers Mountain form the biggest kid’s only waterpark experience in the Middle East. Fun-soaked experiences, elaborate water games, slides and structures, provide a world of thrills and lots of water spills for children less than 1.2 metres - and their parents! Highlights include Riptide, the Middle East’s first six-lane KIDZ ProRACER®, Comet Racers, the world’s first KIDZ RallyRACER® and  Swirl, the first KIDZ TORNADO 24® slide in the Middle East. Children can also delight in Splashers Mountain's interactive climbing frames or challenge one another across one of the 5 rope bridges that interconnect with 10 water slides, whilst comrades use water jets and cannons on family and friends. 

Aquaventure Towers 

Trident Tower

Trident Tower is the biggest tower in Aquaventure at 48-metres tall and home to 12 record-breaking slides and attractions including the world’s tallest waterslide, the longest family rafting water coaster in the world and the tallest vertical drop body slide in the Middle East.

  • Odyssey of Terror - Riders accelerate and gain speed and momentum as they sweep up and across the apex of the wave where they momentarily experience near weightlessness before freefalling down the other side of a curved wall
  • Shockwave - experience a combination of speed, power and rafting adventure on this unique water ride. Families of up to six blast forward 449 metres for over one-minute through a series of tunnels, at the speed of a giant slalom ski course
  • Medusa's Lair - race an intricate web of twists and turns, just like Medusas’ snaky hair, as you are blasted through a series of dark caves, steep slopes and drops
  • Blackout - billed as the scarier sister to Leap of Faith, daring riders plummet down an almost-vertical drop that delivers extreme thrills and high speed from beginning to end!
  • Hydra Racers - four racers at a time can challenge one another to be the first to the bottom to win the "trident"
  • Immortal Falls - experience Dubai's first thrill-seeking, gravity-defying cliff jumps - leaping down the Immortal Falls for those that dare to dive
  • Vortex - slide down the vortex twister and rush through back-to-back turns, curves, drops and 360 loops for the ultimate fun and thrilling ride before you plummet down the lagoon

Poseidon Tower

Thrilling visitors since 2013, the Poseidon Tower raised the stakes in entertainment, featuring record-breaking rides including, the world’s largest waterslide, the world’s first dual waterslide within a waterslide and the UAE’s only dual racing loops, not forgetting the longest – and only – waterpark zipline in the Middle East. The Atlantean Flyer gives you unparalleled views of Atlantis, its gorgeous beachfront and the glittering Dubai skyline from 20 metres above Aquaventure Waterpark (limited to 300 guests per day, additional charge payable locally).

  • Poseidon’s Revenge - enter one of two capsules equipped with terrifying trapdoors... as you stand upright, the trapdoor suddenly drops out ahead of a 31-metre fall, accelerating rides to 60 kilometres per hour on a 116-metre-long journey
  • Aquaconda - the world's largest waterslide tube is perfect for thrillseeking friends, mercilessly catapulting riders at 35 kilometres per hour through a dark serpentine tunnel with unexpected twists and turns
  • Slitherines - the world’s first dual waterslide within a waterslide experience, riders brave twists turns and terrifying darkness in spectacular fashion, before realising they are in the belly of the beast, suspended above riders of the Aquaconda slide far below.
  • Zoomerango - experience a mix of sensations-from mega drop plummets to vertical zooms that create a sense of weightlessness for a short second at the peak of a 14-metre high vertical wall

Neptune Tower

Visible from the fronds of The Palm as well as from Dubai’s mainland, the original Aquaventure Tower reaches 30 metres into the sky and features some of the park's most iconic water slides. 

  • The Leap of Faith - riders of the infamous Leap of Faith drop 9 storeys in 3 seconds and the near-vertical drop is a daring 27.5 metres! Reach speeds of 60 kilometres per hour through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon
  • Shark Attack - Beginning 13 metres up the Ziggurat,  Shark Attack spins riders on one- or two-person inner tubes into the blackness of the tower’s mysterious core before emerging through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace
  • Stinger, The Storm, The Falls and The Surge - these inner tube slides use innovative technology to create a water roller coaster, propelling riders up and down on jets of water throughout the Aquaventure waterscape

Aquaventure Dubai Waterpark Tickets

Choose from 2 gate-ready digital tickets. Our Aquaventure tickets are delivered instantly - book now, use now! 

  • Atlantis Aquaventure Day Pass - enjoy a full day at Aquaventure Dubai, home to a Guinness world record 105 slides, attractions, and experiences.
  • Atlantis Aquaventure One Day Super Pass - the ideal ticket for a great family day out in Dubai, enjoy same-day admission to Aquaventure Dubai Water Park and the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Both attractions are located at the incredible resort destination of Atlantis, The Palm


Our guide to Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaconder Raft Slide at Aquaventure Dubai


Prepare to battle the Aquaconda as this giant sea serpent waterslide catapults you and your friends on a wild 6 person raft adventure through a dark meandering tunnel before being dropped into the largest fibre glass tube in the world enduring intense banking whilst careening back and forth.

Odyssey of Terror water slide at Aquaventure Dubai

Odyssey of Terror

Grab a raft with your friends and race down the world's tallest water slide. Accelerate up and down sweeping curves before the thrilling final drop. Experience near weightlessness before freefalling down the other side of a curved wall. Are you courageous enough to challenge the high thrills of the Odyssey of Terror?! 

Friends riding Hydra Racers at Aquaventure Dubai

Hydra Racer

Four friends can challenge one another to be the first to the bottom to win the “Trident“, but make sure to conquer the Hydras along the way... Are you going to be #Victorious?

Man riding Slitherine water slide at Aquaventure Dubai


Slither and slide your way down the twists and turns of this speed slide. But watch out, you’ll soon be suspended in the belly of the Aquaconda! Timers at the end of the waterslides allowing riders to race friends and family.

Girl riding leap of faith waterslide at Aquaventure Dubai

Leap of Faith

Have you got what it takes to ride? At a mind blowing 27.5m tall and 61m long, the Leap of Faith catapults riders at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour down an almost vertical plunge and through a shark infested lagoon (you’ll be glad to hear you’ll be behind glass!). Not for the faint of heart this one!

Couple riding Blackout water slide at Aquaventure Dubai


Only the bravest take on Blackout. Plummet down an almost-vertical drop for extreme thrills and high speed from beginning to end! The 'scarier sister' of Leap of Faith is only for #fearless riders!

Shark Attack water slide at Aquaventure Dubai

Shark Attack

Journey to the mysterious core of the Ziggurat through dark and twisting tunnels before being thrust into a tunnel within Shark Lagoon, where you can enjoy the thrill of seeing sharks, rays and reef fish up close at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace.

Two men at the start of Posidons Revenge water slide at Aquaventure Dubai

Poseidon’s Revenge

Feel your adrenaline go into overdrive, as you step into the capsule and wait for the moment the floor falls out beneath you and you begin to plummet through this water slide at speeds of 60 kilometres per hour before the fury of Poseidon’s revenge propels you upside down.



This 6 person water raft adventure will have you experiencing a mix of sensations: Mega drop plummets, vertical zooms and a burst of weightlessness as you drop 14 metres!

Shockwave water slide at Aquaventure


The longest family water coaster in the world combines speed, power and rafting adventure. On this unique water ride, groups of up to 6 persons blast forward 449 metres for over one-minute through a series of dark tunnels with exciting drops and high speeds.

The Plunge

The Plunge

Descend from the centre of the Ziggurat on one of our many water-coasters. Twist, turn and blast upwards along the power-jets of The Plunge.

Man riding the Surge water slide at Aquaventure Dubai

The Surge

Starting at the top level of The Ziggurat this spine-tingling inner tube ride is not for the faint at heart! Twisting and turning, at times in complete darkness this water-coaster takes riders on a thrilling journey.

Kids playing in Splashers Mountain, Aquaventure Dubai

Splashers Mountain

This enormous splashy water playground designed especially for children under 1.2 metres has 10 slides, 2 dumping buckets, wacky rope-bridges, water jets and interactive climbing frames. With enough to keep younger guests entertained all day long all you need to bring is plenty of energy!

Kids playing in Splashers Island at Aquaventure Dubai

Splashers Island

Located next to Splashers Mountain, and at almost three times the size, junior daredevils will love the choice of seven kids' waterslides in Dubai's top splash park, designed for children under 1.2m. Featuring fun-soaked experiences for the whole family to enjoy, discover 20 thrilling water attractions, the first KIDZ Tornado and KIDZ Bowl in the MEA region, which are exact replicas of the popular Aquaventure adult slides, but for kids! Plus a giant dry-play structure in the shape of a Dhow shipwreck. 

Kids playing at Splashers Cove, Aquaventure Dubai

Splashers Lagoon & Splashers Cove

Here you will find two new adventure-packed towers created especially for mini and junior adventurers with over 16 fun attractions and record-breaking children's slides including the world’s first kid’s rally-racertornado slide and more! Bring your little thrill seekers down to make a splash at the world’s largest kids zone.

  • Riptide: The Middle East’s first six-lane KIDZ ProRACER®
  • Comet Racers: The world’s first KIDZ RallyRACER®
  • Swirl: The first KIDZ TORNADO 24® slide in the Middle East

Atlantis Aquaventure One Day Super Pass with Free Lost Chambers Aquarium

River Rapids

This high-octane river takes riders on a white water journey through caverns with many twists and turns. Ride the longest river in the region with gushing rapids that send you twisting and spinning through raging torrents with thrills around every turn to deliver an adrenaline rush! A variety of large pools with spacious sun decks are available along the way allowing you to easily dip in and out of the water at your leisure.

Friends enjoying Raging Rapids river ride at Aquaventure Dubai

Raging Rapids

Experience what it feels like to be raging through a number of roaring water elements at the Raging Rapids, from powerful waves, high-pressure bubbles and currents to tempt the most daring youngsters and adults alike.

The Torrent River

The Torrent River

Follow the 700-metre path of a tidal river on the crests of waves on an inner tube. A wave generator simulates a water surge with one-metre waves sending you along the course of the river through a lush tropical landscape.

Woman riding the Falls water slide at Aquaventure Dubai

The Falls

Splash down to Rapids River on this exciting water-coaster. Riders jet up and down and twist around before joining the river and heading around the waterpark.

Father and son riding Stinger at Aquaventure


Blast uphill on this water-coaster, starting at the first level of The Ziggurat. Riders are propelled towards the river on inner tubes.

Vortex water slide at Aquaventure Dubai


This fun-filled water slide sends riders through twisting back-to-back turns, steep curves, drops and 360 loops before the thrilling finale that plummets down to the lagoon.

Immortal Falls Cliff Diving Experience at Aquaventure Dubai

Immortal Falls

Experience Dubai's first thrill-seeking, gravity-defying cliff jumps - leaping down the Immortal Falls for those that dare to dive!

Man enjoying Surfs Up at Aquaventure Dubai

Surf's Up

Grab a board and bust your best surf moves as you ride the waves on the state-of-the-art Surf’s Up waverider. Unlimited access to Surf's Up is included with your Aquaventure Waterpark ticket.

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  • 5 stars:

    Excellent service and communication about the tickets we ordered for Dubai. Gate ready tickets for aquaventure. An amazing day at the largest waterpark in the world.

    DM reviewed Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark 27 Jan, 2024

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    Amazing water park. Had to purchase fast track bands when we got there. Totally worth paying for fast track as queues times can get ridiculous

    Kara reviewed Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark 30 Mar, 2023

  • 5 stars:

    Perfect ! Dead easy walked right up to the turnstiles with my ticket and straight in - deffo reccomend !!

    Ross Muir reviewed Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark 15 Mar, 2023

  • 5 stars:

    Absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend booking through here!

    Haseena Mohamed reviewed Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark 23 Feb, 2023

  • 4 stars:

    The water park was amazing we had an amazing time. However, we thought we were waiting awhile even after purchasing the fast track band to some rides.

    Trusted Customer reviewed Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark 18 Aug, 2022

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