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The ideal ticket for a great family day out in Dubai

Costing little more than the Atlantis Aquaventure Day Pass, this great value combo ticket offers same-day admission to BOTH Aquaventure Water Park and The Lost Chambers Aquarium at the incredible resort destination of Atlantis, The Palm.

Our guide to Atlantis Aquaventure One Day Super Pass

With your Atlantis Aquaventure Ticket, you can experience all the excitement of Aquaventure, one of the largest and most thrilling water parks in the world. 

Set in 22.5 tropical hectares, Aquaventure is overflowing with fun and features over 105 slides attractions and experiences including record-breakers and regional firsts such as Odyssey of Terror; the world’s tallest waterslide with a Double TornadoWAVE®, Shockwave; the longest family rafting water coaster in the world, Medusa's Lair; the first duelling PIPElineBLAST® Water Coaster slide in the region, Surf’s Up wave rider and Immortal Falls; the first Cliff jumping in the region.

Aquaventure Water Park Dubai Highlights: 

  • Odyssey of Terror - riders accelerate and gain speed and momentum as they sweep up and across the apex of the wave where they momentarily experience near weightlessness before freefalling down the other side of a curved wall
  • Shockwave - experience a combination of speed, power and rafting adventure on this unique water ride. Families of up to six blast forward 449 metres for over one-minute through a series of tunnels, at the speed of a giant slalom ski course
  • Medusa's Lair - race an intricate web of twists and turns, just like Medusas’ snaky hair, as you are blasted through a series of dark caves, steep slopes and drops
  • Blackout - billed as the scarier sister to Leap of Faith, daring riders plummet down an almost-vertical drop that delivers extreme thrills and high speed from beginning to end!
  • Hydra Racers - four racers at a time can challenge one another to be the first to the bottom to win the "trident"
  • Vortex - slide down the vortex twister and rush through back-to-back turns, curves, drops and 360 loops for the ultimate fun and thrilling ride before you plummet down the lagoon
  • Poseidon’s Revenge - enter one of two capsules equipped with terrifying trapdoors... as you stand upright, the trapdoor suddenly drops out ahead of a 31-metre fall, accelerating rides to 60 kilometres per hour on a 116-metre-long journey
  • Aquaconda - the world's largest waterslide tube is perfect for thrillseeking friends, mercilessly catapulting riders at 35 kilometres per hour through a dark serpentine tunnel with unexpected twists and turns
  • Slitherines - the world’s first dual waterslide within a waterslide experience, riders brave twists turns and terrifying darkness in spectacular fashion, before realising they are in the belly of the beast, suspended above riders of the Aquaconda slide far below.
  • Zoomerango - experience a mix of sensations-from mega drop plummets to vertical zooms that create a sense of weightlessness for a short second at the peak of a 14-metre high vertical wall
  • The Leap of Faith - riders of the infamous Leap of Faith drop 9 storeys in 3 seconds and the near-vertical drop is a daring 27.5 metres! Reach speeds of 60 kilometres per hour through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon
  • Shark Attack - Beginning 13 metres up the Ziggurat,  Shark Attack spins riders on one- or two-person inner tubes into the blackness of the tower’s mysterious core before emerging through the shark-filled lagoon at a leisurely ‘shark-viewing’ pace
  • Stinger, The Storm, The Falls and The Surge - these inner tube slides use innovative technology to create a water roller coaster, propelling riders up and down on jets of water throughout the Aquaventure waterscape

For the young and the young at heart, Splashers Lagoon, Splashers Cove, Splashers Island and Splashers Mountain form the biggest kid’s only waterpark experience in the Middle East. Fun-soaked experiences, elaborate water games, slides and structures, provide a world of thrills and lots of water spills for children less than 1.2 metres - and their parents! Highlights include Riptide, the Middle East’s first six-lane KIDZ ProRACER®, Comet Racers, the world’s first KIDZ RallyRACER® and  Swirl, the first KIDZ TORNADO 24® slide in the Middle East. Children can also delight in Splashers Mountain's interactive climbing frames or challenge one another across one of the 5 rope bridges that interconnect with 10 water slides, whilst comrades use water jets and cannons on family and friends. 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium 

Before or after your visit to Aquaventure head to the amazing Lost Chambers Aquarium and discover the Legend of the Lost City of Atlantis.

  • Amidst a maze of underwater halls and tunnels, you’ll come face to face with an incredible 65,000 marine animals swimming in placid waters of 20 freshwater and seawater exhibits.
  • Sharks, stingrays, piranhas, lobsters and the tiniest of seahorses are just some of the creatures you'll come face-to-fin within this spellbinding underwater world.
  • The eerily lazy movements of the jellyfish are almost hypnotising, while the piranha enclosure offers a glimpse of an altogether scarier beastie.
  • For a hands-on experience be sure to visit the touch pools where you can pick up a starfish or caress a sea cucumber.
  • Other highlights include the giant catfish in the Seven Sages Chamber and the colour-changing giant cuttlefish in the Abyss Room.

Discover this lost world at your own pace or join one of the Navigators for a walk through the mysterious maze of underground passageways, tunnels and underwater vistas.

Opening Times

Aquaventure is open daily throughout the year from 10.00am until sunset; The Lost Chambers is open daily throughout the year from 10.00am until 9.00pm.


This Aquaventure Dubai Ticket is valid for 1 Day and gives same-day admission to both Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers.


Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers are located within Atlantis the Palm hotel on Palm Jumeirah.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Atlantis Aquaventure One Day Super Pass - Aquaventure & Lost Chambers Aquarium

  • The Atlantis Aquaventure One Day Super Pass offers same-day admission to both Aquaventure Water Park and the Lost Chambers Aquarium. 
  • Your ticket is only valid for the date selected at the time of booking. 
  • You will be sent a gate-ready Atlantis Aquaventure ticket voucher which you can easily scan for entry to both attractions.
  • Child tickets are valid for all children aged 3-7 years and under 1.2m in height. Children over this height must purchase an adult ticket.
  • Children must be 12 years old and above to enter Aquaventure if unaccompanied by an adult.
  • Children aged 0-2 years old may visit the attractions free of charge and do not require a ticket. All young children must wear appropriate swim diapers.
  • To ensure the safety of visitors to Aquaventure, access to certain rides is restricted to those over 1.2m.
  • There is a cashless payment system at Aquaventure that allows you to load up a wristband using cash or a credit card when you arrive. You can then use your wristband to purchase food, drinks and souvenirs. The wristband also acts as the key to your locker.
  • Towels and lockers are available to rent, with additional costs payable locally.
  • Atlantis Management reserves the right to determine what swim attire is appropriate and what is not. No refunds or discounts will be given to guests who are unable to ride the slides due to inappropriate swim attire.
  • Rides, attractions, entertainment or specific benefits may change operating hours, close due to refurbishing, capacity, weather, or special events, and may otherwise change or be discontinued without notice and without liability.
  • *Cancellation Policy: Free cancellations for bookings cancelled with the supplier more than 72 hours prior to the activity date. No refunds are given for cancellations received by the supplier within 72 hours of the tour date.


Frequently Asked Questions for Atlantis Aquaventure One Day Super Pass

General Information

  • What is Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai?

    Atlantis Aquaventure is a spectacular water park located at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. It offers an unforgettable experience with thrilling water slides, unique attractions, and a mesmerizing underwater world.

  • Are towels and lockers included with my Aquaventure Ticket?

    Towels and lockers are available to rent at Aquaventure, additional charge, payable locally.

Ticket Information

  • What is Aquaventure Dubai's child policy?

    Guests aged 0-2 may visit Aquaventure for free and do not require an Aquaventue Ticket. Guests aged 3-7 years old and under 1.2 metres qualify for a child ticket. Children over 1.2m tall, must purchase an adult Aquaventure ticket. All young children must wear appropriate swim diapers.

Rides & Attractions

  • What are the main attractions at Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai?

    Get ready for heart-pounding adventures on slides like the Leap of Faith, enjoy the lazy river, and explore the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The park also features Splashers, a dedicated area for the little ones.


  • Are there any age or height restrictions for certain attractions at Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai?

    Yes, some rides have height restrictions for safety reasons. Make sure to check the specific requirements for each attraction on our website or at the park entrance.

Clothing & Accessories

  • Is there a dress code for Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai?

    While there isn't a strict dress code, appropriate swimwear is required for water attractions. Revealing or offensive swimwear is not permitted.

Food & Drink

  • Can I bring outside food and drinks into the Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai?

    Outside food and drinks are not allowed in Atlantis Aquaventure. However, the park offers a variety of dining options to suit different tastes.