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Don't miss the opportunity to see an NBA game world-famous Madison Square Garden

If you are visiting New York City from October to April, why not catch a ball game at the iconic Madison Square Garden, and watch the New York Knicks do their thing?

Our guide to New York Knicks Basketball Tickets

Do what Spike Lee does - Marvel at some of the world's finest athletes showcasing their skills in one of the world's great venues. 

The great film director, Spike Lee, is a Knicks fan and you could be too when you catch a game at 'The Garden'.  Cheer on the Knicks as they face down visiting greats such as the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics, the L.A. Lakers and current world champions, the Toronto Raptors. You might even get to witness some of the world's finest players such as Kevin Durrant, Dwayne Wayde, Steph Curry and the one and only, Lebron James.

From slam dunks, high octane tricks and spectacular three pointers on the court, through to cheerleaders, a half-time entertainment show and more, taking place off it, the action never stops. Enjoy the game played by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Alan Iverson. 

What's more, 'The Garden' boasts a multitude of bars, restaurants, fan experiences and activities making for a perfect, family-friendly environment.

So if you happen to be in New York when there's a game on, get down to 'The Garden' and be a New Yorker for an evening.....

Ticket Categories - Choose From the Following Seating Options:

  • West Balcony and East Balcony Lofts - located in 300 level (Shaded Brown on the Seat Map below)
  • 200 Level Lower Ends - behind the hoop seats at 200 level (Shaded Blue on the Seat Map below)
  • 100 Level Lower Ends - behind the hoop seats  at 100 level (Shaded Orange on the Seat Map below)
  • Club Silver - 100 level seating with access to the Club Bar and Grill before the game and in-seat service during the game (Shaded Silver on the Seat Map below)
  • Club Gold - Premium 100 level seating with access to the Club Bar and Grill before the game and in-seat service during the game (Shaded Gold on the Seat Map below)

Seating Map:

New York Knicks Basketball Tickets

New York Knicks Basketball Tickets

New York Knicks Basketball Tickets

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2019/20 Schedule (NOTE: Game dates and times subject to change)



  • 11th: Washington Wizards - 7:30pm (preseason game)
  • 16th: Atlanta Hawks - 7.30pm (preseason game)
  • 18th: New Orleans Pelicans- 7:30pm (preseason game)
  • 26th: Boston Celtics - 7:30pm
  • 28th: Chicago Bulls - 7:30pm


  • 3rd: Sacremento Kings - 6.00pm
  • 10th: Cleveland Cavaliers - 7:30pm
  • 14th: Dallas Mavericks - 8:00pm
  • 16th: Charlotte Hornets- 7.30pm
  • 18th: Cleveland Cavaliers - 7:00pm
  • 23rd: San Antonio Spurs - 7:30pm
  • 24th: Brooklyn Nets - 7:30pm
  • 29th: Philadelphia 76ers - 7:30pm


  • 1st: Boston Celtics - 3.30pm
  • 5th: Denver Nuggets - 7:30pm
  • 7th: Indiana Pacers - 7:30pm
  • 17th: Atlanta Hawks - 7:30pm
  • 21st: Milwaukee Bucks - 7:30pm
  • 23rd: Washington Wizards - 7:00pm


  • 1st: Portland Trailblazers - 7:30pm
  • 10th: New Orleans Pelicans - 8:00pm
  • 12th: Miami Heat - 3.30pm
  • 16th: Phoenix Suns - 7:30pm
  • 18th: Philadelphia 76ers - 7:30pm
  • 22nd: L.A. Lakers- 7.30pm
  • 24th: Toronto Raptors - 7:30pm
  • 26th: Brooklyn Nets - 6:00pm
  • 29th:  Memphis Grizzlies- 7.30pm 


  • 6th: Orlando Magic - 7:30pm
  • 12th: Washington Wizards - 7.30pm
  • 21st: Indiana Pacers - 7:30pm
  • 29th: Chicago Bulls - 5:00pm


  • 2nd: Houston Rockets - 7:00pm
  • 4th: Utah Jazz - 7:30pm
  • 6th: Okalahoma City Thunder - 7.30pm
  • 8th: Detroit Pistons- 7:30pm
  • 17th: Charlotte Hornets - 7:30pm
  • 21st: Golden State Warrios- 7:30pm
  • 23rd: L.A. Clippers - 7:00pm
  • 25th: Toronto Raptors - 7.30pm


  • 03rd: Minnesota Timberwolves - 7:30pm
  • 05th: Miami Heat - 5:00pm
  • 8th: Orlando Magic - 7.30pm
  • 14th: Detroit Pistons - 7.30pm

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for New York Knicks Basketball Tickets

  • New York Knicks Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • You will need a smart phone to upload your tickets and present them for entrance
  • You will need to inform us of the lead passenger's email address for the uploading of match tickets 
  • Backpacks are not allowed at Madison Square Gardens
  • Due to the popularity of the Knicks, some games may be on request. We will endeavour to close out certain games once sold out but if the date chosen is not available a member of our customer services team will contact you to arrange a different date/time. If no suitable date is available, you will receive a full refund.

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