Our Top Tips For a Trip to New York City!

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Maximise your big city escape
If you are on your way to the city that never sleeps, we are here to help guide you through the concrete jungle with ease!

Before you book your once in a lifetime trip to the famous New York City, there are some key points we think you should consider before booking! This vast city has so much to explore, so remember to take it easy so you can fully appreciate the hustle and bustle of the city surrounding you.


1. Prioritise location of accommodation

You should carefully consider the location of your accommodation before booking your trip as it can drastically affect the type of experience you have. As mentioned previously, New York City is huge and every trip offers a totally different experience! 


With that being said, if you are a first timer, we highly recommend you stay in Midtown Manhattan where you are situated right in the middle of all the action. You can easily walk to the bucket list attractions of the city such as Broadway, Times Square and Central Park.

If you have visited NYC in the past and want to experience a less chaotic city escape, we recommend heading to lower Manhattan, specifically SoHo. Here you can experience a more authentic New York experience with more locals and less tourists. You can also spot a lot of celebrities around this area as there is a plethora of designer shops to gawk at, fancy restaurants to dine in and high-end nightclubs to dance the night away, making SoHo a trendy place to be.


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2. Visit during Spring or Autumn

While summers in NYC can sizzle, offering ample tanning opportunities, and the winter season dazzles with Christmas lights, evoking a magical feeling reminiscent of beloved holiday classics such as “Home Alone 2” and “Elf”, we still believe the milder months offer a better experience showing off the city’s charm. New York City’s renowned bustling urban lifestyle can sometimes become overwhelming when faced with overcrowding and extreme weather conditions.


Blue skies in the background with many trees with different coloured leaves on them. To the left there is a path and behind the trees you can see a skyscraper.


Instead we believe visiting in April/May or September/October/November is the best option, with milder weather, scenic beauty with colourful leaves in Central Park and fun outdoor activities! If you visit during November, you may even be able to get a taste of Christmas as The Rink at the Rockefeller Center opens!


3. Use public transportation


In New York, a 30 minute taxi trip down the road can easily turn into an hour and a half long journey! To avoid the stress of sitting in traffic worrying whether you'll make that important dinner reservation or Broadway production, make sure to make use of the subway! Providing fast access to all parts of the city, helping you explore all areas easier. 


We recommend that you do some research before using it as it can be a little confusing for first timers, but this mode of transport can save you a lot of time, money and stress!


4. Visit a rooftop bar

Terrace with many plants and flowers on post holding up roof, in the background there is a sunset over the city, with buildings lit up. There are people talking whilst sat on clean cream sofas.


When in New York, everybody wants that perfect picture of the stunning city skyline. Numerous incredible helicopter tours offer this opportunity, allowing you to glide above the skyline and even hang your legs outside the helicopter door! However, these tours can be a little pricey. If you are looking for a less expensive (and a little less nerve-wracking) alternative, consider visiting one of the city’s lavish rooftop bars.


Our top pick is PUBLIC Hotel’s The Roof, a breathtaking terrace floating above the city boasting a 360 degree panorama. The bar exudes lively energy, offering a happy hour experience unlike any other! Just a reminder, the legal drinking age in the US is 21 years old.

5. Find a balance between making dining reservations and opting for walk-ins

To the right there is a heater and to the left there is an incredible view from a restaurant with skyscrapers and the Brooklyn Bridge lighting the night sky. There is also the river below and above a helicopter is flying.


There are so many delicious dining options in New York City! We definitely suggest setting aside a portion of your budget to indulge in one or two evenings at upscale restaurants, there are so many to try. If you seek dinner with an unbelievable view, consider visiting Cecconi’s DUMBO. Or, if celebrity spotting piques your interest, we suggest dining at Catch Steak. These upscale restaurants typically require reservations well in advance.


Despite this, to get the ultimate New York experience, we recommend walking into local restaurants as well. There are so many hidden gems in the city which offer delicious food as well as authentic experiences with locals. These may end up being your favourite dining experiences!

Table with a lot of food on it. There are white bowls with chips, fried pickles, chicken kebab, salad and eggs with avocado.

6. Buy a sightseeing value pass

Sightseeing value passes are hands down the best way to see the city. Whether you are a first timer who is trying to squeeze in as many of the attractions as possible, or you are a regular who wants to take a relaxing trip at your own pace, this is the pass for you. 


If you are undecided about which of the numerous attractions in this expansive city to visit, consider booking this pass. It allows you to wait and decide on the day what appeals to you. You can either reserve a certain number of attractions to visit during your trip, or select a specific number of days to try and fit in as many as possible. With this pass, you’ll skip the queue at any attraction you choose and save yourself a significant amount of money! We highly recommend these passes.

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Those are all of our top tips to help you navigate your way around the hustle and bustle of the big city. We hope you have a fabulous trip!


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