Have You Met Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?

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Have You Met Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit?
Do you know this vintage Disney rabbit?
As Easter Limited Time Magic continues at the Disney parks this week and the Disney bunnies hop out of the rabbit hole for the spring, Disney guests will be swapping their Mickey Mouse Ear hats for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hats instead! So, we thought we'd familiarise you with this vintage Disney character in time for Easter!

Easter is only a matter of days away and no doubt chocaholics will  be counting down the days till the ever so generous Easter Bunny arrives on Easter Sunday with baskets full of chocolate eggs. At the Disney parks Thumper, Roger Rabbit and the many Disney rabbits, we have all come to know so well from much loved Disney films, will come out to play with Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny - who'll be leading the very special Happy Easter Pre Parade. 

To make sure Disney guests fit right in amidst the Disney rabbits this Easter, you'll be able to purchase some rabbit ear hats for the Easter festivities and these aren't just any old rabbit ears, these are lucky rabbit ears! And although some might feel apprehensive about swapping Mickey Mouse ears for some rabbit ears, these lucky ears belong to Walt Disney's very own Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Does that name sound familiar? Probably, and here's why!

Walt Disney's Oswald stars in a Universal Picture



In 1927 Walt Disney and award winning american animator and character designer Ub Iweks were, to the surprise of many, commissioned to create a cartoon character for Universal Studios, who at the time were extending the Studios' business into animation and hadn't a single cartoon character. Together Disney and Iwerks created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, their most successful character at the time of creation and Universal Studios first ever cartoon series. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit made his first appearance in the short animated film Trolley Troubles, released by Universal on the 5th September 1927.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is an anthropomorphic character, like many of Walt Disney's classic characters. He's a good intentioned character with a slightly short temper. He's mischevious, adventurous and although often finding himself in trouble, his wit and of course his luck allows him to escape  his troubles. Oswald loves to play and make people laugh and has been described as having some similar character traits to Mickey Mouse. Physically Oswald is known for being resourceful; he uses his ears as helicopter propellors to take flight, he uses his tail  as a brush to clean and his leg  as a boomerang. 

Oswald and Mickey Mouse


 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is indeed Walt Disney's first animated baby, before Mickey Mouse, who came later in 1928 and has since become one of the world's most famous cartoon characters and the first to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mickey Mouse was created after Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks sold the rights to their most notable character at the time to Universal. Mickey was created to be owned solely by Disney and Iwerks.


Universal made 194 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons under the direction of three different producers, the final producer asking Disney for his permission to continue recreating the rabbit and Disney offering his help in the design and animation of the rabbit he created.  Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was popular and even starred in the DC comic series  New Fun in 1935, however at this point Mickey Mouse was a far more successful character.

Disney and Universal Ownership 

In 2006 Disney CEO Boger and NBC Universal made a deal which resulted in The Walt Disney Company owning the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the twenty six short films made by Walt Disney. So, although Universal no longer owns the rights to the rabbit, they continue to own the remaining Oswald cartoons they produced after Disney and Iwerks initial series.  In essence Oswald exists between the two major entertainment companies, still a part of Universal's The Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection - a collection of DVD's released in 2007 and produced by Universal between 1940 and 1956,  and now appearing in the current works of the Walt Disney Company.

Oswald Returns to the Disney Family


Since Oswald has returned back to the very company that created him, he has been incorporated into the Disney family as Mickey Mouse's older half brother and now stars in the video game Epic Mickey, which was released in 2010 and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2,  alongside his younger brother.

Oswald's Girlfriend

He has also been linked with Ortensia the cat, his girlfriend.

Oswald's Children

The Bunny Children, Oswald and Ortensia's children.

Oswald's half sister

Amelia Fieldmouse, Mickey's sister and Oswald's half sister.

So, although Oswald the Lucky Rabbit might struggle to find the fame his younger brother has and although it is highly unlikely that Oswald will ever be the sole mascott of the most significant theme park resorts in the world, it's Easter and for this calendar event it's time to Oswald to shine. If you're a Disney guest this Easter, show a little love for Mickey's less famous half brother and swap your Mickey ear hats for some of Oswald's lucky rabbit ear  caps.


This is the Attraction Tickets Direct last Latest News post till the 2nd April, so be sure to enjoy your easter and if you're spending it at Disney World, we hope it's a lucky one. As part of Disney World's Easter Limited Time Magic experience you'll be able to purchase your Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ear caps at Epcot's MouseGear.

If you've missed out on Easter at Disney World this month, but would quite like to experience another calendar event in the theme park capital of the world, why not consider heading out to Orlando for the 4th of July? The fireworks are immense, the atmosphere is electric and we've got a huge variety of theme park tickets to Walt Disney World and other major Orlando theme parks! 

Have a happy Easter!

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Orlando , Disney World , Disney Films , Easter

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