The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Orlando Resort

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The Latest Updates on the All New Incredible Hulk Coaster
Incredible news!
The Incredible Hulk Coaster has had a makeover, transforming the already spectacular ride, into something bigger and better than ever before…

The Incredible Hulk Coaster closed for enhancements in September 2015, before the grand unveiling of the ride’s sleek new makeover in summer 2016! Fans of this amazing ride will be thrilled to see the latest teasers from Universal, showing what’s in store. With so many changes, riders will be able to enjoy a completely new ride experience. Here’s the latest details you need to know…



Universal have promised ‘a new story, a new ride vehicle, a new queue experience, and a new entrance’, so pretty much the only things that will be recognisable are the exhilarating loops and terrifying twists and turns of the track. The sheer size of the attraction makes it stand out across the park. Start your adventure at the enormous marquee, where Hulk himself is guarding the ride! Using his superhero strength, he effortlessly wields remnants from the old track, as you pass underneath him to enter the queue area. 


Incredible Hulk Coaster Entrance Universal Orlando


As soon as you enter, you become immersed into the new story. You may be familiar with Dr. Bruce Banner and his concept of ‘Hulk-a-fication’, but this time General Thaddeus Ross is in charge, and looking for volunteers. That’s where you come in! With the warning that you’ll be faced with high levels of gamma radiation, are you brave enough to continue the journey? The Hulk-a-fication process is a life changing experiment expected to give subjects outstanding strength and unrivalled energy, but beware; the results aren’t always what they seem!


Incredible Hulk Coaster Ride Vehicle


Explore the redesigned queue area as your adventure gets closer. Surrounded by laboratories containing high tech scientific equipment you’ll grow curious as to what awaits. Venture further and you’ll arrive at the Gamma Core, a powerful energy source that sends out radiation waves to fuel the equipment.


Incredible Hulk Coaster Gamma Core Universal Orlando


Continue if you dare, and witness the evolution of those who have gone before you, who have endured the petrifying Hulk-a-fication process. As you come to the loading platform, live with bursts of electricity, prepare for action as it won’t be long before it’s your turn to face the transformation!

Finally, let us introduce you to the gleaming ride vehicles. The new design, a shining green colour of course, is glossy and modern. You’ll be propelled through a new launch tunnel with mesmerising special effects, over Marvel Super Hero Island. Each vehicle is fitted with a special in-seat audio system. The blaring music (created especially for the ride by Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy) will get your adrenaline levels soaring in no time.


Incredible Hulk Coaster Ride Vehicle Universal Orlando

Here are some facts about the Incredible Hulk Coaster:

  • Max speed: 67 miles per hour
  • Max height: 110 feet
  • Max drop: 105 feet

Are you brave enough to ride the all new Incredible Hulk Coaster? Be one of the first to try the new updated ride with our great value Universal Orlando park tickets.

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