The Most Splashtastic Rides at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

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A woman and child getting splashed in a boat ride vehicle in front of a giant Lego sea serpent
There’s still time to have a ‘splashtastic’ summer!
Cool off from the sun while still having fun with these exciting water attractions at LEGOLAND Windsor.

From playing around in water parks to jumping in puddles, we know that if water is involved kids are going to want to have a splash in it. At LEGOLAND Windsor Resort there are lots of attractions and play areas where your little ones can get soaked and have a splashtastic time, perfect for cooling off on hot days! 

Just make sure you prepare for your visit with spare clothes, waterproof suncream and even a swimming costume - you’ll need them when experiencing the following attractions! 


Hydra’s Challenge

This interactive water ride is sure to get you soaked! Located in LEGOLAND’s newest land, LEGO MYTHICA, riders will twist and turn, duck and dive on jet-boat themed pods as they take on the mythical Hydra’s Challenge with Duo the two-headed sea serpent keeping guard. But it’s not just the jet-boat spray you need to watch out for, as spectators can shoot water cannons from the sidelines for an even bigger splash. 


Coastguard HQ 

Young guests will love the chance to pedal and steer their very own brightly coloured LEGO boat as they help the LEGO Coastguards. As you wind your way through these waterways you must be on the lookout for divers and creatures on the shores and in the water itself, including some playful elephants who are determined to give you a soaking! 


A woman and two children riding a LEGO boat along a winding waterway


Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest 

Are you ready to take on some uncharted waters? These swashbuckling pirates need you on their quest for treasure alongside Captain Blackheart, but things aren’t quite what they seem and you’ll soon realise that the only way through this treasure hunt is down! This log flume ride is always guaranteed to end with a splash, and those pesky pirates will make sure you get drenched too! 


A woman and child soaking wet after dropping down on a log flume


DID YOU KNOW? LEGOLAND Windsor Resort provides free suncream for all guests, in handy dispensers located throughout the park! So if you forget to bring your own you can still make sure the whole family is protected from the sun. 


Viking River Splash 

These river rapids will have you drenched in no time! Set sail on your Viking river boat and prepare for an epic downstream adventure through white waters in this fantasy Viking world. You’ll be speeding, spinning and soaked before you know it. 


Splash Safari and Drench Towers 

The water play areas in DUPLO VALLEY have something for children of all ages. Splash Safari is the perfect place for under 3’s to splash about with DUPLO elephants, giraffes, zebras and more, while Drench Towers offers older children splashtastic fun with water slides and tipping buckets. This is the largest water play structure in the UK and shouldn’t be missed! 

All guests, including supervising adults, must be wearing appropriate swimwear to experience these attractions. 


Three children in swimming costumes running away from a tipping bucket of water


Fairy Tale Brook 

How many classic stories can you spot? From Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to the Three Little Pigs, little ones will have fun recognising their favourite storybook characters on this calm, magical boat ride. You might get a bit wet, but this fairytale forest also provides the perfect spot of shade for a break from the sun on hot days!


Book your tickets today to experience the most splashtastic fun for the whole family at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort!

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