5 Thrilling Water Slides at Siam Park

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5 Thrilling Water Slides at Siam Park
Get ready for a big splash!
Enjoy the ultimate thrill-seeking experience at Siam Park- the number 1 water park in the world...

Voted by users of TripAdvisor as the number 1 water park in the world, Siam Park invites you to go from “crazy to lazy” in Tenerife! You can spend the day relaxing on the white sandy beach or floating along the lazy river, but everyone knows that what you really come to Siam Park for is the spectacular collection of exhilarating water slides! While there are plenty of family friendly slides, Siam Park is the perfect place to come if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. So, once you’ve got your Siam Park tickets ready, these are the 5 most thrilling water slides you must try at Siam Park…


1. Tower of Power


Tower of power Siam Park


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular water slides at Siam Park. Tower of Power is the ultimate water slide, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! You’ll be gripped with fear from start to finish, but the kind of fear that will make you want to experience the Tower of Power over and over again. Ascend the tower and get ready for a near vertical 28-metre drop that will send you racing through a transparent tunnel that runs through the middle of a shark aquarium!


2. Singha


Singha water slide at Siam Park


Singha is the newest attraction at Siam Park and should definitely be on any thrill seekers must-do list. “More than a water slide” Singha claims to be a water rollercoaster boasting 14 different direction changes and unrivalled speeds. The toboggan style raft will battle against powerful currents pushing you up, down and around the curves as you race through the 240-metre long route. You’ll reach extraordinary speeds of up to 18-metres per second; something that has never been seen at any water park in the world!


3. Dragon


Dragon water slide at Siam Park


This high speed raft ride is ideal for groups, as you can all join in the fun together. Accelerate through the huge funnel at a 45-degree angle and experience zero gravity as you slide from side to side along the 20-metre wide tunnel. Look out for the enormous dragon before you finally plunge into the water below! The Dragon is one of the park’s most popular rides so make sure you get there early to face the beast.


4. The Volcano


The Volcano water slide at Siam Park


A breath-taking waterslide that will catapult you into complete darkness as you plummet through the centre of a volcano! You’ll feel as though you’re caught in the bubbling flow of lava as you race through the rough rapids. Marvel at an incredible laser light show along the way before crashing into the landing pool. Up to four people can ride at a time, so don’t worry, you won’t be alone!


5. Kinnaree


Kinnaree water slide at Siam Park


Standing at 25-metres above the ground, Kinnaree is an impressive sight. Get ready to enter the huge tilted funnel to take on the 200-metre long Kinnaree. Experience sharp corners and plenty of twists and turns as you speed down the slide. You’ll be able to admire stunning views and lush jungle-like vegetation along the way, but don’t be fooled by the relaxing surroundings, this definitely comes under the thrill-seeker category! Get ready for the grand finale…a mammoth tornado wave!


Check out the video below to see our team trying out the incredible rides, including the Tower of Power!



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