Closing Date for Disneyland’s Tower of Terror Revealed

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Closing Date for Disneyland’s Tower of Terror Revealed
…but don’t worry, as it will be totally revamped for re-opening!
Find out when's the last opportunity to ride this iconic ride at Disneyland California...

Disneyland California announced yesterday that the final flight for Disneyland’s Tower of Terror in its current format will be on January 2, 2017, which gives you 4 months to ride on this incredible ride at the California park before it’s re-imagined.

After this January closing date, the ride will be re-invented with a Marvel makeover that is sure to excite Guardians of the Galaxy fans! The new ride will be named Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout and will be based around all the exciting and explosive adventures of your favourite bunch of unlikely heroes.

Check out this amazing new image which has been released by Disney to whet your appetite for this brand new ride:



Although we know some fans of this ride are sad to see it go, it’s an exciting new turning point for this iconic Disney attraction which we’re sure will be loved for many years to come! And, to make sure the ride goes out with a bang, Disneyland California are running a series of special going-away events. From September 9th, park guests will be able to experience the special ‘Late Check Out’ even on the Tower of Terror attraction every evening after sunset, where the ride will take place in complete darkness – just to make it even more terrifying.  

During the day time, a few special shows will take place in Hollywood Tower’s rooftop lounge and there will be some special merchandise released to mark this special event.

To buy tickets to ride The Tower of Terror at Disneyland California one last time, check out our range of great-value ticketing options right here.

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