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Explore the biggest movie theme park in Europe, Parque Warner, with a pre-booked ticket and a roundtrip transfer from Madrid's city center. Discover incredible attractions based on Warner Bros films.

Our guide to Parque Warner Full Day Trip from Madrid

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Warner Brothers with a fun day trip from Madrid to Parque Warner. 

Meet at the Julia Travel office, located in the centre of Madrid, and board the bus to the park. Arrive at Parque Warner at its opening time and find the Looney Tunes characters waiting to welcome you and start an unforgettable day.

It is time to start enjoying all the attractions and shows that Parque Warner offers.

  • Hollywood Boulevard:  It is the entrance area to the Park, where the whole atmosphere of Hollywood is recreated, with a replica of the Chinese Theater and its most typical streets. 
  • DC Super Heroes World: This is the zone of superheroes and supervillains, a place to test your superpowers and release adrenaline since in this territory there are no limits to action.
  • Cartoon Village: An extraordinarily fun world for the whole family, as it is the largest children's area in Spain in a theme park.
  • Old West Territory:  In this amazing setting that recreates the Wild West, you have a duel with fun.
  • Movie World Studios: Inspired by Hollywood production studios, you'll be able to see live chases, explosions, and shootings, you'll always have the feeling of being on a real movie set.

Access the park to discover its incredible attractions and shows at your own pace. Have plenty of time to discover every corner, then meet the bus at the car park at 7:00 PM, at the same place where it left you in the morning.


  • Julià Travel Office Calle de San Nicolas, 15, 28013 Madrid


  • Apr to May - Sat
  • Jun to Aug - Thu, Fri & Sat
  • Sep to Oct - Sat

Start Time:

  • 11.30 am


  • Approximately 8 hours


Our guide to Parque Warner Full Day Trip from Madrid


Coaster Express

Minimum Height Required: Min height: 121 cm, Max height: 197 cm

The Coaster-Express, nestled in Parque Warner Madrid's Old West Territory, boasts a desert-themed layout with valleys and canyons, offering an imposing skyline visible from every corner of the park, providing an exhilarating ride featuring a 45-meter drop and speeds reaching up to 95 km/h, making it a must-try for nostalgic thrill-seekers.



Cinema Tour

Minimum Height Required: without limitations

Experience the cinematic journey of Cine Tour at Movie World Studios in Parque Warner, a family-friendly attraction that transports you through Californian landscapes reminiscent of the 1930s, accessible to all including people with disabilities, offering a nostalgic trip to the heart of Hollywood in vintage cars.


Marvin the Martian Space Rockets

Minimum Height Required: without limitation (the company of an adult is required up to 105cm)

An interstellar adventure with Marvin the Martian and his loyal K-9 companion aboard the Marvin the Martian Space Rockets attraction in Cartoon Village at Warner Park, where you can take the helm of these flying ships and experience the thrill of planet conquest alongside these iconic characters.


The Joker Bumper Cars

Minimum Height Required: 105 cm

Gotham City, a perilous metropolis home to notorious criminals like The Joker, features in the DC Super Heroes World attraction at Parque Warner Madrid, where you can experience the eerie ambience of Gotham through a thrilling ride on The Joker Bumper Cars, a classic family-friendly park attraction set within a dark indoor track.


Haunted Hotel

Minimum Height Required: 90 cm (the company of an adult is required from 90cm to 120cm)

Eternally waiting. This is how Isabel finds herself in the Haunted Hotel at Movie World Studios. She stars, along with Eduardo, her fiancé, in the most disturbing and dark love story in the park. Enter a ghostly and chilling place. Do you want to attend a spectral wedding banquet?


Lex Luthor Invertatron

Minimum Height Required: Min height: 140 cm, Max height: 195 cm

Step into Lex Corporation within Parque Warner's DC Superheroes World and brace yourself for the intense experience of the Inverter, a diabolical attraction featuring relentless rotating movements that will leave you screaming for Superman™ to rescue you from the clutches of Lex Luthor's evil creations.


Mr.Freeze Ice Factory

Minimum Height Required: 100 cm (the company of an adult is required from 100 cm to 120 cm)

Inspired by the icy evils of Mr. Freeze, this attraction features dozens of chairs dominated by the villain, known for his tragic past and freezing powers aimed at transforming the world into a cold, inhospitable place like himself, a constant threat to Batman™ and all around him (watch out for the freeze shot!).


Stunt Fall

Minimum Height Required: Min height: 137 cm, Max height: 195 cm

Stunt Fall, offers a unique roller coaster experience, simulating action scenes with six intense inversions, themed with test cars and panels showcasing the work of special effects specialists, boasting impressive records including a top speed of 115 km/hour, a height of 65 meters, and a disconcerting boomerang effect that heightens the vertigo experience.

Mine Carts

The Mine Carts

Minimum Height Required: 120 cm (the company of an adult is required from 120cm to 130cm)

In Parque Warner's Old West Territory, experience the thrill of a wild minecart ride, where out-of-control carts spin rapidly and unpredictably, providing adrenaline-pumping fun for the whole family, ensuring laughter and excitement as you navigate through twists and turns in this crazy mechanical attraction.


Bravo River

Minimum Height Required: Min height: 100 cm, Max height: 197 cm (the company of an adult is required from 100 cm to 120 cm)

Rio Bravo, an aquatic attraction in Parque Warner's Old West Territory, offers a thrilling adventure reminiscent of scenes from the American Far West, allowing families to experience exhilarating rapids and unexpected twists as they navigate through an immersive gold mine setting, mirroring the excitement of a gunfighter's journey.


The Enigma's Revenge

Minimum Height Required: Min height: 132 cm, Max height: 195 cm

Dare to confront the sinister Edward Nigma atop Europe's tallest attraction in Parque Warner's DC Super Heroes World, experiencing a thrilling ascent to 115 meters before hurtling downwards at 80 km/h, offering panoramic views of Madrid and an adrenaline rush for the bravest of heroes.


Superman Attraction of Steel

Minimum Height Required: 132 cm

Experience the thrilling Superman: Steel Attraction at Parque Warner, Europe's only roller coaster with floorless trains, soaring at over 100 km/h through seven inversions and towering 55 meters high, offering an exhilarating journey through Metropolis with views of the Daily Planet, delivering an unparalleled vertigo-inducing experience.


Tom & Jerry Picnic in the Park

Minimum Height Required: 100 cm (the company of an adult is required from 100cm to 120cm)

The Tom & Jerry Roller Coaster is a family-favourite attraction at Parque Warner, appealing to both young and old with its fun-filled ride through a whimsical picnic setting in Cartoon Village, making it an exciting first roller coaster experience for children and a delightful family outing for parents.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Parque Warner Full Day Trip from Madrid

  • Free cancellations for bookings cancelled with the supplier 72 hours prior to the tour date. No refunds are given for cancellations made within 72 hours of the tour date.
  • The departure from Parque Warner to Madrid is at the indicated time, in the same arrival parking lot. Please be punctual, since it is the only means of transport available to return to Madrid.
  • The return bus may not be the same, as it is always identified with a Julià Travel – Parque Warner sign. For this reason, it is not possible to leave your belongings inside the bus during your stay in the park.
  • Parque Warner reserves the right to organise, schedule, limit and close public access to its different areas and services.
  • Park opening times vary according to the season. The bus to and from the park will always run on the established timetable, regardless of the park's opening hours.
  • Some facilities may be out of service, suspended, or closed for technical, weather, safety, or operational reasons, with the possibility that, for the mentioned reasons, it may be necessary to close Parque Warner. The above does not entitle you to a refund of your ticket or to a change of date. 

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