The Best Disney Covers That Will Blow Your Socks Off!

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The Best Disney Covers That Will Blow Your Socks Off!
Enjoy our list of the best Disney covers that will blow your socks off.
What’s one of the great things about Disney movies? The songs of course!

We’ve all heard the originals, but thanks to talented people all across the world we have even more ways of enjoying these songs through Disney covers. Whether you prefer belting out Disney songs at the top of your voice in the shower or prefer to sing along with friends on a Las Vegas party bus, you’re sure to enjoy our list of the best Disney covers that will blow your socks off.

Traci Hines

First up is what could be the best cover of one of our favourite Disney movies – who doesn’t love a bit of Frozen?! The YouTube superstar that is Traci Hines has pulled out all the stops for her cover of “Let It Go”, from the gorgeous dress and shoes to THAT hair, she really looks the part. On top of that, she’s actually in a frozen wonderland – brr! Top marks to Traci, check it out below.


Jonathan Young

If you’ve ever wanted to hear your favourite songs sung with a bit of rock energy, then you’ll love Jonathan Young. He has recorded plenty of songs that you can listen to on his YouTube channel, and you can even listen to his new album in full here. His rock-meets-Disney style makes for great driving music, so if you’re a fan of singing along in the car then you can purchase his physical CD on his site here. Jonathan has plenty of greats to choose from, but we thought we’d start with our favourite song for getting up in the morning, which has to be “On My Way” from Brother Bear.


Caleb Hyles

Sticking with the theme of motivational songs, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan is right up there, and Caleb Hyles’ cover is just amazing. Boasting a great voice and great entertainment too, what’s not to love? Check out his YouTube channel for lots more great covers, which includes plenty of Disney if you just can’t get enough.


Dizney Rascal

Proving that sometimes all you need is a guitar, Ska, Disney and great voices are Dizney Rascal from Devon in the UK, whose mix of classic Disney with classic Queen rock in “Hakuna Matata/I Want to Break Free” is as catchy as it is cute! Pay attention to these guys on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; rumour has it they smashed their recent Britain’s Got Talent audition.


Chris Villain

Full marks go to Chris Villain with his rendition of “Part of Your World”. Although his YouTube channel is full of some really amazing songs and Disney covers, in this cover he’s got it all: the tail, the hair, the eyes, the setting and the voice. That’s showing some real dedication to being Ariel – enjoy!


Traci Hines (again!)

From a dedicated guy to a dedicated gal, Traci Hines gets another mention for her super creepy (in a good way) cover of Lana Del Rey’s reimagining of “Once Upon a Dream” for the 2014 film Maleficent. Traci Hines’ great Disney covers don’t end there as you can find plenty more on her YouTube channel; you may even recognise a certain familiar face in some of her Frozen-themed covers!



When it comes to a cappella and Disney there are two groups that had to be included; our first is SanFran6. If the name hasn’t already given it away, the vocal group is from San Francisco and is made up of six solo-quality voices. Their YouTube channel only has a few videos at the moment, but keep an eye on these guys; they’re going to be big! Disney’s Big Hero 6 gets the a cappella treatment here – enjoy SanFran6’s cover of “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy.


No Comment A Cappella

Equally amazing are No Comment A Cappella. Founded in 2004, the group are from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and have turned their talents to a variety of genres; check out their YouTube channel and website for more covers, but we were amazed by their Hercules Medley.


Roxy Darr and Brian Hull

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” could well be our favourite Disney duet, and nobody could do it better than Roxy Darr and Brian Hull. Although they’re both amazing singers and voice artists in their own right, something truly magical happens when they get together. Check out Roxy’s YouTube channel and Brian’s channel for more great videos, but first take a look at their amazing cover below.


Caleb + Kelsey

If the previous video made you think ‘man, I love duets’, then you’ll go mad for this next video from Caleb + Kelsey. The newlyweds with a passion for music have produced videos that would melt any heart – you can watch some great stuff on their YouTube channel, but their cover of “A Whole New World” is our favourite. This has got to be the best cover of the best Disney duet – amazing!


Polar Collective

Here we have “Let It Go” as sung a cappella by Polar Collective. If you like their silky smooth vocals (or fabulous hair!) then make sure to check out their YouTube channel, where you can find some more musical treats.


Ryan Jones from PianoKeyz

Listening to music is one thing, but how about performing a Disney cover yourself? It’s easier than you think! If you’ve got a piano or keyboard at home and fancy wowing everyone with your rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen, then check out the PianoKeyz video below. Founder Ryan Jones has plenty of tutorials available on the PianoKeyz YouTube channel that are difficult enough to impress, but easy enough to be worth doing, and you can find even more on the PianoKeyz website.


Jonny May from Piano with Jonny

So maybe you’re pretty good at playing the piano and would like a Disney challenge; Jonny May is your guy! As a regularly featured performer at Disneyland and Universal Studios in Hollywood, and an award-winning composer too, he’s got the credentials to get you playing to the best of your ability; just check out the Disney medley video below to see what he can do. If you’re interested in taking your piano skills further be sure to check out his website, where you can find video lessons for all abilities. Although we’ve said here that his guidance is great for more advanced players, beginners can benefit too, especially as you don’t need to be able to sight-read music.


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