Top 20 American Attractions!

Top 20 American Attractions!
We look at what tickets our customers were buying....
We wanted to share our customers' top 20 American attractions; from historic buildings to natural wonders and everything in between in no particular order. Hopefully we'll inspire some wanderlust...
1.  The Grand Canyon
You cannot visit Nevada, Arizona or California without paying a visit to the natural wonder, The Grand Canyon. Despite being on Earth for millions of years, we don’t think you should leave it a second longer to plan a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon– a bucket list experience that you’ll never forget! 


2. Walt Disney World in Florida


Walt Disney World in Florida


Made up of 4 incredible theme parks, 2 water parks, 2 entertainment districts and more than 25 hotels, you could spend a full two-week holiday at Walt Disney World and still feel like there was more to see. Florida is without a doubt one of the US’s most visited states by UK visitors and it’s easy to see why when you understand the abundance of theme park entertainment all in one place. It’s Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World that draws the most visitors though, with 17 million people dropping in each year.

3. Universal Orlando Resort

Home to a world of film and comic book favourites, Universal Orlando Resort is made up of 2 exciting theme parks, an entertainment district and an immersive water them park experience which will completely change your perception of the water park experience! This fun and lively theme park destination caters for everyone so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the USA’s most visited attractions.

4. Yosemite National Park

You can spend days exploring the magical Yosemite National park near San Francisco but, if you’re short on time, we’d definitely recommend you at least spend a day on a tour leaving from San Francisco. Expect to find majestic water falls, stunning panoramic views and the world-famous El Capitan granite rock climbing face which is renowned world-wide in the climbing community for its difficulty.

5. SeaWorld Parks in Florida

If you’re visiting the sunshine state of Florida, don’t miss the SeaWorld Parks – SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, Aquatica and Discovery Cove. Here you’ll find some of the biggest thrill rides, the most spectacular animal encounters andfamily-friendly fun in the whole state. 

6. Alcatraz Former Prison




A little different from the other attractions on this list, Alcatraz is a slightly ‘darker’ attraction you won’t want to miss on a visit to San Francisco.  This infamous former prison, which was rumoured to be surrounded by shark-infested waters, was home to some of America’s most notorious criminals before it was closed in 1963. Made even more infamous by some high-risk escape attempts, it is rumoured that no one ever successfully escaped the fortress…but will you?

7. Niagara Falls

This stunning natural wonder can be found on both sides of the North American border and is also possible as part of a day trip from New York. It’s a once in a life time experience to see the magnitude and power of what is actually 3 waterfalls that together make up one of th world’s most visited tourist attractions.  

8. The Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge


The epic steel wonder of The Golden Gate Bridge is not only a reason to visit San Francisco, it’s a reason to come to California full stop. The bridge is an Instagrammers dream, with nearly 2.5million people using the hashtag to show off their epic bridge snaps. We recommend taking in the bridge during a bike tour, where you can get a unique perspective of this man-made marvel.

9. The Empire State Building

Relive iconic moments from your favourite American rom-coms with a visit to The Empire State Building. Whizz up more than 100 floors to enjoy a stunning view over the New York skyline from one of the most significant structures in the world.

10. The Rockefeller Center


Top of the Rock


In the 1930’s The Rockefellar family commissioned the building of a new skyscraper which was set to dominate the New York skyline.Declared a New York City landmark in 1985, the Rockefellar Center boasts some of the greatest views in the city from it’s viewing point at the top of the building: Top of the Rock. Don’t miss it if you want to see the New York skyline including the iconic Empire State Building (who doesn’t?).  

11. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center in Florida not only has the draw of being a type of cosmic heaven for space fans, it’s also the place where history has been made again and again at this working NASA base. On a normal day, you’ll come away from the center with your mind blown by space facts and exciting interactive exhibits that bring the race to the moon and the history of space travel to life. On a launch day, you’ll experience all this PLUS the excitement of watching a seemingly impossible rocket launch into space – a money-can’t-buy experience that you’ll treasure a lifetime.

12. Las Vegas Strip

There are not many places we’d spend 11 hours on a plane for just to enjoy a wild weekendbut then…it’s Vegas, baby! A weekend in Vegas is on plenty of peoples’ bucket lists which is why Sin City one of the most visited US cities. Of course, there’ll be gambling, maybe a few big nights out too, but we recommend seeing the Las Vegas strip from the dizzying heights of a helicopter to really round of your stay in style!

13. MoMA

Visit one of the world’s greatest collections of modern art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which welcomes nearly 3 million guests each year. Discover 6 floors of galleries featuring paintings, sculpturesand performance art including works from Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol and Dalí. There’s even a double Michelin starred restaurant to explore after your visit, where you can dine on the finest ingredients from French-American cuisine.

14. Broadway


Frozen on Broadway


More than 11 million people every year enjoy a show on one of Broadway’s stages; From Les Mis to Aladdin to Kinky Boots, the stages of New York’s theatre scene have seen it all. The great thing about going to a Broadway show is that there is always something for everyone – from family friendly-shows like The Lion King, to adults-only fun from

15. The Hollywood Sign

Is there a more iconic sign in the world than the epic Hollywood letters in the Hollywood hills? We’d argue there isn’t and that’s why we’ve included it in our list of top US attraction. There are loads of ways you can take in the sign but we recommend exploring the surrounding area as well on the Hollywood Sign Tour to really absorb the atmosphere.  

16. Grand Central Station


Grand Central Station


If you’re not lucky enough to travel through this place every day for work, you’ll want to pay this beautiful train station in New York a visit on your trip to the Big Apple. Whether you drop in for a photo, to take a seat at the oyster bar or to check out the secrets of the whispering gallery, we definitely recommend at least popping your head in to what is one of New York’s most iconic landmarks.

17. Disneyland California

The original Disney theme park may not be the biggest in the world, but it definitely has a unique charm and magic thatdraws in million of visitors every year. This is the park that Walt Disney built, where his imagination brought to life an immersive world of Disney that has brought joy to millions of guests since it opened more than 60 years ago. Do not miss it if you’re visiting California! 

18. Times Square

We’re not sure if it’s surprising to learn that Times Square in New York is the United States’ most visited attraction, but it does welcome nearly 42 MILLION visitors each year (which you can probably guess if you’ve ever tried to navigate it yourself!)

19. Central Park

The world’s most famous park is also one of American’s most visited attractions. And, with so much to see, that’s not surprising. Take a stroll or, even better, hire a bike to make your way around the 843-acre park which is smack bang in the middle of Manhattan. There are more than 20 points of interest to explore including a zoo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and even a seasonal ice rink, as well as all the natural beauty the park offers.

20. The White House


The White House


The most famous house in the worldhas been home to some of the most famous faces in the world since it was built more than 200 years ago. The White House in Washington DC isvisited by more than 70,000 – 100,000 people very single month, making it the second most-visited attraction in DC.

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