5 Most Thrilling Rides at PortAventura Park

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5 Most Thrilling Rides at PortAventura Park
Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush!
In search of exhilarating roller-coasters? Look no further, PortAventura Park has it all…

PortAventura Park at PortAventura World is home to some of the most thrilling rides you can find. Located just an hour outside of Barcelona, it’s an ideal place to visit in-between sightseeing. Release your inner daredevil as you soar through the air, plummet back down again, and face some of the biggest drops in Europe on an amazing selection of white-knuckle rides. Take a look at the park’s 5 most exhilarating rides, you simply have to try…


Furius Baco:

Furius Baco PortAventura


Prepare for a rush of adrenaline as you go from 0-80 mph in just 3 seconds! Zoom around the track at breakneck speed, as you twist, turn and flip upside-down, before skimming the water of the Mediterrània Lake. The park’s fastest ride is surrounded by a vineyard, where an eccentric professor is getting ready to launch his new grape collecting machine (your ride cart). Before he gets the chance, his mischievous pet monkey pulls the lever that catapults you on a journey around the track!


Dragon Khan:

Dragon Khan PortAventura


Discover the legend of Prince Hu on one of PortAventura’s original (and most popular) rollercoasters. After unsuccessfully trying to dethrone the Emperor, he was transformed into a terrifying dragon as a punishment. The beast of a ride has 8 incredible loops that you’ll face in just 69 seconds! Reach speeds of 68mph, and get ready for some serious drops.


Hurakan Condor:

Hurakan Condor


Feel the fury of The God Hurakan, as you’re elevated over 100-metres into the air. Once you reach the top, you’ll have a few seconds to admire the breath-taking views over the Mediterranean Coast, before you plummet back to the ground in a 100-metre stomach flipping freefall. There are 2 different ways to experience the ride, choose between sitting down, sitting in tilted seats, or if you’re feeling really brave you can even choose to stand!



Stampida PortAventura


Stampida takes you on a high speed journey to battle for your very own piece of land. When the first settlers arrived, whoever got to the land first could claim it, and now it’s your turn to make sure you get there first. Hurtle along the 1km-long track at 70 km/h, as the ground starts to shake and a cloud of dust blows up! Will you get there in time?



Shambhala PortAventura


Ranking as the tallest rollercoaster in Europe, this thrill seekers dream is not one to miss! Themed on the Himalayas, the sight of it alone will leave you mesmerised, spanning from the park’s Polynesia area through to China. With the first drop alone being a staggering 250-foot fall, and the smallest drop the height of a 7-storey building, there’s no escaping the thrills on this ride. The coaster’s five camelbacks offer plenty of airtime, making this one of the most exhilarating rides not just in the park, but in the world!


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