All the Latest on the Newest Rides Coming to Orlando

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All the Latest on the Newest Rides Coming to Orlando
New rides set to open this summer!
Three incredible new rides are opening this summer in Orlando. Read on to find out all of the latest information you need to know...

Skull Island: Reign of Kong – Universal’s Islands of Adventure



Last year a big announcement was made for a big guy; King Kong would be returning to Orlando! Whilst there still isn’t a specific opening date, Universal have recently released more exciting details on what the ride will be like. The 3D experience begins from the moment you enter the queue area, and will take you on an adrenaline fuelled adventure.

As you board your expedition bus, prepare to be taken into the depths of the jungle where some scary surprises await. Along the way you’ll be faced with dangerous predators as you travel further into the eerie island before coming to a halt in front of a set of huge temple doors.  By this point you might be thinking of turning back, but there’s no way out; it’s too late!



With the amazing technology and detailed settings, it is due to be bigger and better than any previous Kong attraction. Universal have promised animatronics, terrifying creatures, flames, creepy caves, ferocious sound effects, and of course a face-off with Kong himself, but will he be friend or foe?


Cobra’s Curse – Busch Gardens



Within the last few days, a new addition has been fitted at Cobra’s Curse, with the installation of a giant cobra model. Reaching staggering heights of 80-foot-tall, with fangs each 4-foot-long, and huge staring eyes 3-foot-wide, the creature is without a doubt the ride’s centrepiece. A design team has been working hard on the incredible structure which is made up of 9 components for some time, and now we can get the first look!



Cobra’s Curse is probably the most family-friendly of the new rides opening this summer, but with speeds of 40mph and multi directional spins, it’s not for the faint hearted. After being lifted 70 feet into the air, riders will face a sudden vertical drop, before hurtling towards the cobra with only inches to spare! It has also been revealed that the queue area will have a snake exhibit, so riders can take a look at some of the amazing snakes before boarding.   


Mako- SeaWorld



One of the most anticipated rides coming to Orlando this summer is without a doubt Mako; designed around its namesake shark. Known for being the fastest shark in the world, this ride will compete as the fastest (73mph), tallest (over 200ft) and longest (nearly a mile) ride in Orlando.  Suitable for ultimate thrill seekers, Mako will not disappoint.

The ride vehicles were recently revealed at the park, showing us an exciting glimpse of what’s to come. The most obvious detail is that the blue vehicles are designed to look like Mako sharks, with dark sinister eyes, and five gills on each side. The streamlined design is enhanced with wheels set to reduce friction and increase speed.



Movement on the ride is maximised with the use of a lap guard. This means that without shoulder restraints riders have more upper body movement to give them a weightless feeling. This idea is intended to heighten the thrill and imitate the movements of a wild Mako shark, as you speed around the track. This is definitely a ride not to be missed.

As summer approaches, make sure you’re the first to try these new rides. To check out our park tickets, click here. 


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Universal’s Islands of Adventure , mabrostinuju , Busch Gardens , Orlando , New Attractions , Fun , New Atrractions , Shortlists