The Ultimate Bucket List for Thrill Seekers in Orlando

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Ride shaped like manta ray in motion, curving round bend on top of lake with water being sprayed up towards the riders
Here are our favourite thrill coasters you must try in Orlando!
Orlando is best known for family friendly fun, with Disney World most often being associated with the sunshine state. However, competition has arisen all over the city with the likes of Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, with all parks providing innovative, world class attractions.

Whether you like inverted coasters, spinning coasters or simply free falling through the air. Orlando offers it all. Are you brave enough to try these scary roller coasters?

The Top 10 Thrill Rides in Orlando

1. Mako, SeaWorld Orlando

This hyper coaster is hands down one of the best coasters in the world. With Makos being the fastest shark species known to man, this coaster definitely lives up to its name. Repetitively dropping from heights of up to 200 feet with only a lap bar restraint holding you in your seat, it is certainly not for the faint of heart. Luckily, there is never a long queue for this coaster as most people are too scared to try it!

TOP TIP: Sit in the back row for the fastest and most intense experience.


Height - 200ft

Speed - 73mph

Length - 4,760ft


2. Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Universal Islands of Adventure Theme Park 

As the newest addition to Universal Islands of Adventure, this Jurassic World inspired ride does not disappoint. This coaster has incredible theming surrounding the successful franchise from the start of the queue to the end of the ride. You are strapped into the ride vehicle with only a lap bar as you are launched TWICE to create the feeling that you are on a high speed chase with Velociraptors. Similarly to Mako, it creates the feeling of flying as you lift from your seat as this ride also includes a series of inversions!

TOP TIP: Ride this during sunset for incredible views.

Two people laughing and smiling sat on a rollercoaster after track turned upside down

Height - 155ft

Speed - 70mph

Length - 4,700ft


3. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, EPCOT Theme Park

Join the intergalactic gang from the world renowned trilogy Guardians of the Galaxy, whirling through space in order to save Earth. The theming of this ride is incomparable, with the iconic soundtrack playing in the queue. If there is anything better than a thrill coaster, it is a roller coaster with music blasting! This indoor coaster is incredibly immersive, launching you backwards into a spin around space, creating a different feeling every time you ride as you are designated one of the 6 songs available. 

TOP TIP: Make sure to wake up early in the morning to get in the virtual queue on the My Disney Experience app!

Height - 120ft

Speed - 60mph

Length - 5,577ft


4. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Universal Islands of Adventure 

This magical attraction was opened in 2019 yet the queue time is still soaring, proving this ride is 100% worth the wait. The theming sets this coaster apart from the competition, with exciting scenes to explore throughout the queue! Beginning with a speedy launch, you zoom through the forbidden forest towards Hagrid's hut. This coaster includes a few surprises such as speeding backwards and a small vertical drop. Despite this, it is considered a family friendly coaster suitable for people of all ages.

TOP TIP: Ride this at the beginning of the day to avoid excessive queue times!

Four guests turned to the side on a coaster, sat in carts shaped like a motorbike, zooming through trees in front of the brown Hogwarts castle

Height - 65ft

Speed - 50mph

Length - 5,053ft


5. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Universal Studios Florida

This coaster is slightly older than the other top spots, however it is a classic. Not for the faint of heart, you begin the ride with a vertical chain lift guaranteed to get your heart racing because once you reach the top, you instantly plummet towards the ground into multiple inversions. All of this is elevated by the music blasting in your ears, which you get to choose as you initially board the vehicle. Remember, this coaster films you, so you can purchase the hilarious videos after the ride.

TOP TIP: Try this ride at night during the Halloween Horror Night events to get an incredible view!

Red and yellow roller coaster at night with 90 degree chain lift up high which leads into steep drop and a rollercoaster car with multicoloured lighting on track

Height - 167ft

Speed - 65mph

Length - 3,800ft


6. The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Universal Islands of Adventure

This launch coaster is themed around Marvel Comics iconic superhero the Hulk, and has been open since 1999. Remaining one of the most popular attractions in Universal Orlando Resorts, this thrill ride reaches high speeds from the uphill launch and instantly begins twisting and turning through its 7 inversions. Recently refurbished to create a smoother ride with more immersive theming, including on-board audio, which has ensured this coaster remains up to date to impress. This ride also features strong green lighting and a lake lies below which the ride dives towards to create the feeling of a ‘near miss’. If you visit Orlando, this ride is too iconic to miss!

TOP TIP: If you arrive early enough, definitely try the front row for an incredible view!

Giant green rollercoaster with two vertical loops and a car in motion on track diving towards lake surrounded by mist

Height - 110ft

Speed - 67mph

Length - 3,670ft


7. Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, SeaWorld Orlando

Feel like catching a few waves? Head over to SeaWorld as their newest addition to their selection of thrill rides is Pipeline: The Surf Coaster, guaranteed to fill riders with the sensation of surfing. This ride features a unique surfboard shaped ride vehicle with innovative seats, providing riders the freedom to move within the vehicle space. The coaster begins with a high speed launch which then curves into multiple inversions. This ride is truly one of a kind, and a must visit in Orlando.

TOP TIP: For extra fun, book a ticket during SeaWorld’s Summer Spectacular event to watch a mesmerising fireworks display and entertaining shows with complimentary drinks!

Roller coaster car on track shaped like a surfboard in turquoise and orange colours, riders are stood up with harness over their shoulders

Height - 110ft

Speed - 60mph

Length - 2,950ft


8. TRON Lightcycle / Run, Magic Kingdom Park 

The newest addition to Walt Disney’s impressive portfolio of immersive, thrill coasters is Tron Lightcycle / Run, which was first introduced to Shanghai Disneyland Park. This semi enclosed attraction offers a unique experience, as you board a light cycle vehicle illuminated to match the exterior building, and engage in a high speed race inspired by TRON: Legacy. This coaster begins with a high speed launch towards the iconic illuminated sheltered outside area, and then loops around into a dark building. This ride is a fan favourite as the launch is so sudden, it truly takes your breath away. 

TOP TIP: Make sure to wake up early to book a virtual queue reservation on the My Disney Experience app to ensure you get to ride this attraction.

Height - 78ft

Speed - 59mph

Length - 3160ft


9. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Disney has built a strong reputation for providing exceptional immersive attractions and Expedition Everest does not fall short of this. As Disney’s tallest attraction, you are seated in the train themed ride vehicle with only a lap bar and begin your journey through the Himalayan mountains. This coaster includes a combination of innovative elements including sharp twists, swift drops and high speed backwards acceleration to escape the yeti, creating a unique rider experience. Additionally, this ride usually has a short queue time so you can go on it again!

TOP TIP: Try the front row of this ride for extra excitement.

A young girl and an older man sat together on the ride with the girl in a bright pink top leaning over smiling towards the man who is grabbing the lap restraints and screaming

Height - 199ft

Speed - 50mph

Length - 3,884ft


10. Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios Florida 

This coaster is slightly different in comparison to the rest of the coasters on this list as it is relatively slower, however you should not underestimate the intensity and thrill of this ride! This is an indoor coaster which explores Egyptian tombs, encountering a number of scary creatures. There is always an element of surprise on this ride as you travel through multiple rooms and fall into quick inversions in the dark. Just as you believe the ride is about to end, there is an additional shock in store to light up your experience! The special effects on this ride definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

TOP TIP: The front row of this ride creates a scarier experience!

People sat in the coaster car with four in the front clutching the lap bars and screaming. Fire pyrotechnics and animatronic mummy's surrounding them and a large projection of a mummy face behind them.

Height - 45ft

Speed - 40mph

Length - 2,200ft


Are you brave enough to complete this bucket list?


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