's Expert Guide to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon was Disney’s first fully-themed water park in 1989 and has remained a big hit with visitors ever since. It looks like a typhoon has hit, dumping the poor little Miss Tilly shrimping boat on the top of Mount Mayday, and that’s exactly the appearance the designers wanted, providing liberal amounts of weather-damaged effects on this tropical paradise, and other clever theming. It boasts a massive wave pool, a big lazy river and a host of rides and slides that mainly sit on the slopes of Mount Mayday.

Expert Tip

General Advice

Like all Orlando’s water parks, Typhoon Lagoon provides all the amenities you need for a day of splashing fun, including changing rooms, lockers, towel rental and 2 picnic areas (you can bring your own food, but no glass containers or alcohol). Once you arrive, the best bet is to find sun-loungers to base yourself for the day, then put valuables in a locker. The park also provides free lifejackets for the day, if needed.

What not to Miss

Top Rides:

The most popular body-slides are Humunga Kowabunga, 3 enclosed flumes that drop 5 storeys to a big splashdown, and Storm Slides, which take a slightly more scenic route down the mountain. Gang Plank Falls is the big family raft ride that provides lots of bouncy fun while Crush ‘n’ Gusher is one of the biggest draws, a dynamic ‘water-coaster’ that sends 1, 2 or 3 riders at a time along a winding flume system, going both down and UP, as you are propelled by powerful water jets.

Crush n Gusher at Typhoon Lagoon

Top Water Features:

There’s no mistaking the sights and sounds of the wonderful Surf Pool, as Miss Tilly rings out on the half-hour to signal another series of 6ft waves cascading from the base of Mt Mayday. But then you can chill out with a gentle float around Castaway Creek, the lazy river, while children have their own section devoted to more small-scale fun, with Ketchakiddee Creek. There is even the chance to learn to surf at a special instruction programme before park opening on select days.

Surfing at Typhoon Lagoon

Expert Tip

Ride Advice

Crush ‘n’ Gusher is the big crowd-puller here, and waits can top 30 minutes at peak periods. Gangplank Falls is the other top ride, hence you should aim to do these 2 first. The biggest crowds, though, descend on the Surf Pool and things can get pretty congested here, especially when the big waves roll – take care with small children and try to keep near the edge of the pool.

Chill-Out Zone:

Typhoon Lagoon boasts beaches – lots of beaches. Its 56 acres include plenty of chill-out space, with the main beach spread out around the big Surf Pool, but more beach space at Ketchakiddee Creek and also Hideaway Bay, the separate pool and splashdown area for Crush ‘n Gusher. You can also hire a private cabana for the day for the ultimate in water park relaxation.

Ketchakiddee Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

New Attractions/Expansions

Spring 2017 will mark the opening of Typhoon Lagoon’s first new attraction in over a decade. Miss Fortune Falls will be a family-friendly raft attraction that will take guests on a splashing journey through treasure-hunting heroine Captain Mary Oceaneer’s past. Get ready to ascend right to the very top of the new attraction, before plummeting back down again at top speed. The adventure will last for a total of 2-minutes, making this one of the longest flume attractions in Orlando.  

Miss Fortune Falls Typhoon Lagoon

Expert Tips

Dining Advice

There are plenty of options for snacks or a full meal during your visit, the best being Typhoon Tilly, which serves fried shrimp, fish baskets, BBQ pork sandwiches and chicken wraps, as well as desserts, soft drinks, draft beer and wine, and Leaning Palms, with burgers, pizza, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. There are another 4 snack kiosks throughout the park. Be aware the lunch period from 12-1pm can be pretty busy at Typhoon Tilly and Leaning Palms.

Sun ‘n’ Fun Advice

While the water parks are the obvious place to cool down when it heats up in Orlando, be aware this is also the way to get a 5-star case of sunburn, unless you take the proper precautions, even in the winter months, when temperatures can still reach 26C. Be sure to use plenty of high-factor, waterproof suncreams, and apply them at regular intervals, as they can still wash off when you’re on the rides and slides.

Estimated Visit Time

Typhoon Lagoon: Half to a full day.

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