Adrenaline Guide to Las Vegas for Thrillseekers

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Adrenaline Guide to Las Vegas for Thrillseekers
Las Vegas Thrillseekers
If you are looking to boost the energy in your once-in-a-lifetime visit to Vegas, here are some ways to live and play on the edge.

It may be the feeling of winning (and losing) when gambling, the rhythmic electric thump of the never-ending party, or even the fact there aren’t too many clocks around to snap you back into reality. Whatever it is, Las Vegas provides its visitors a number of thrills.

But for those looking for a true jolt of adrenaline, there are a number of extreme sports and activities to get your blood pumping. If you are looking to boost the energy in your once-in-a-lifetime visit to Vegas, here are some ways to live and play on the edge: 

Hiking in the Desert

We will start slow. Speed wise.

Hiking in a desert may be a “slower” activity, but a walk in the scorching heat of Nevada, Arizona and California is no easy endeavour. Under normal conditions, without trained and licensed leaders, walking in the desert is not advisable. But with the right gear and guides, being able to tell your friends that you conquered Death Valley or the Valley of Fire is worth the sweat.

For those thinking that walking in the heat may be a bit too extreme, there are number of Jeep tours in the region that will allow you to see the amazing sights from the comfort and safety of a vehicle too.

hiking in the desert


Whitewater Rafting

The speed begins to pick up for those jumping into a raft to ride the nearby Colorado River. There may be moments when the gentle current allows you to enjoy the warm sunshine and beautiful surroundings. But before long, the white water of the rapids will take you on a one-of-a-kind ride. With some training, you can enjoy class 3, 4, or even 5 rapids with the aid of expert guides. There are various companies offering white water rafting packages, available to book through us.

white water rafting

Jumping From the Stratosphere


The ultimate in thrilling drops, the iconic Stratosphere casino in the heart of Vegas encourages excitement seekers to jump from its tower. At 1,149 feet tall, the structure dominates the city skyline. Some may want to take in the view, maybe even capture a selfie or two. But for the truly brave, suiting up and jumping off it is the only ticket. SkyJump operates at the top of the Stratosphere. Using a system of wires and harnesses, the company helps you complete a controlled fall. Not quite a freefall, but not a bungee jump either, the first step is hardest, but the ride is worth it.

For a truly amazing experience, try jumping at night with the lights of the Strip dancing before you as you fall.

jumping off The Stratosphere

Ziplining over a canyon


Just 45 minutes outside of the city, Bootleg Canyon is set up for you to take a thrill ride over its deep, rocky ravine. Local company Flightlinez operates four separate ziplines at the canyon. After a bit of training and health and safety reinforcement, a short jeep ride, hike and hook-in, you are ready to zoom across the landscape. It is a ride that takes you 60mph across the canyon. As some of your friends slide right alongside, you can see the Eldorado Valley, Lake Meade, and much of the Vegas Strip from the zipline.

When you reach the other side – blood pumping – you will be glad you made the trip.


Skydiving Over the City


There is no greater injection of adrenaline than jumping out of a plane over Vegas. There have been weddings held in freefall over the Las Vegas Strip. Professional stunt teams create amazing formations as they fall from the sky over the city. Even skydiving novices can watch the lights of the city rush towards them as they fall from 15,000 feet in a tandem jump.

Most companies will provide all the necessary training and equipment to make your skydiving experience one to remember.



Supercar Racing


Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a supercar on a real race track? Find out when you book the Supercar racing experience and choose from a fleet of exciting and exotic supercars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Aston Martins. Accompanied by an expert driver who will teach you how to maximise the power of your chosen supercar, you'll experience 5 exhilarating laps of this 1.2 mile track at speeds of up to 130mph. 


Supercar Racing


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