5 New Attractions at Ferrari Land in PortAventura World

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5 New Attractions at Ferrari Land in PortAventura World
FerrariLand has expanded
It now includes a brand-new kids area, perfect for the little petrol heads in your family…

The 75,000 m2 Ferrari Land opened last year at PortAventura World with 3 ‘flat rides’ – Flying Dreams, Maranello Grand Race and Thrill Towers as well as huge thrill attraction Red Force. Red Force is a 40-foot high vertical accelerator which reaches speeds of 112mph in just 5 seconds (or the equivalent of experiencing 1.35G). Ferrari Land is the perfect place for Ferrari fans and thrill seekers alike.

And now, Ferrari Land is not just for thrill seekers, there’s plenty for kids too! This action-packed park now boasts a dedicated kids area with 5 new attractions.

1. Red Force Junior


Red Force Junior


Little ones don’t have to miss out on the famous Red Force coaster, as Ferrari Land have created a kid’s version just for them – the Junior Red Force! It allows thrill-seekers in the making to experience the same sensations as the big kids, just without those dizzying heights.

2. Kids Tower


Red Force Junior


Next up there’s the free fall and bounce back towers which reach a dizzying (for kids!) 9 metres high in a series of never-ending turns, dips and climbs. It’s also a great place to take in views over the rest of Ferrari Land.  

3. Crazy Pistons


Crazy Pistons


Based on the sound of a real Ferrari engine, Crazy Pistons gives you the sensation of being inside a working engine as you spin on the axis of it’s pistons.

4. Flying Race


Flying Race


For mini aviators in the making, there’s a new attraction called Flying Race where kids can pilot their very own little plane. Created in honour of heroic aviator Francesco Baracca, who drew a horse on his place that later became the Ferrari symbol.

5. Champions Race


Champions Race


Allows families to take on the challenge of driving a Ferrari together as they face off on this fun attraction suitable for all ages. Featuring loads of classic Ferrari models from throughout the years, this attraction is a great introduction to the world of motor racing.

Want to take your little ones to Ferrari Land this summer? Click here to view tickets.

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