Our five favourite things about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

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Our five favourite things about the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Get ready for an out of this world experience
A Florida holiday isn't all about big rollercoasters and bringing fictional worlds to life, at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex you can have an unforgettable day out that is educational as it is entertaining.

Our five favourite things about Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex


A trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is one of our favourite things to do on a trip to Florida and you’re visiting in your thousands every year to marvel at this incredible attraction. Consistently voted as the ‘Best Non-Theme Park Attraction’ in our annual Orlando Awards, it should be at the top of your list for your next Orlando holiday. Here are our five top reasons why…


1.       It has amazing history

Shuttle taking off at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Kennedy Space Center has a history that very few places can match. After all, this is the place that NASA launched its missions to space, including the most famous of them all, when on July 16th 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins blasted off on their legendary journey that would see Armstrong and Aldrin walking on the moon four days later. Whilst the moon missions may be over, there are still regular launches from the center, so if you are there at the same time you could be lucky enough to see this incredible sight.


2.       You can get up close to space crafts

Atlantis Exhibit at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Back in 2013 the stunning new Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit opened, bringing you nose-to-nose with this incredible craft. And this is the real deal, not a replica, so you’ll be up close with a craft that spent over 300 days in space, covering over 125 million miles! Plus, with over 60 interactive exhibits and high-tech simulators bringing it to life, you can find out all about this unbelievable feat of engineering.


If you like your space craft a little more traditional, then a visit to the Rocket Garden is a must. As well as getting up close to some older NASA rockets, you can climb inside mock-ups of the capsules used on space missions.


3.       You can meet astronauts

Lunch with an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

A lot of us have dreamed of being an astronaut and if you haven’t, then chances are someone you know has. Whilst your chances of blasting off into space may be dwindling by the day, you can meet some of the men and women that have. With the Kennedy Space Center Space Pass you can enjoy lunch with a veteran astronaut. They’ll talk to you about what it’s really like to go into space before you have the opportunity to put your questions to them and find out anything you’ve always wanted to know about space travel.


4.       You can train to be an astronaut

Astronaut training at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

If speaking to an astronaut isn’t enough, then you can try your hand at training to be one yourself. The Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) puts you to the test to see if you have the right stuff to become a NASA astronaut.


As well as hearing from an astronaut, you’ll experience a shuttle mission simulation and perform hands-on space exploration activities in this intense and exciting half day experience. You’ll also get to operate a full-scale mock-up of a shuttle and try taking the helm at mission control! This is a truly authentic experience and is a must for space fans!


5.       You can experience what a shuttle launch feels like

Shuttle Launch Experience at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Get ready to experience the full thrust of engines that hurtle astronauts skywards at speeds of up to 17,500mph at the Shuttle Launch Experience. After a briefing from veteran astronauts, you’ll strap yourself in and feel the incredible g-forces pushing you back into your seat, before ‘reaching orbit’ and experiencing the feeling of weightlessness. You can then head through the payload doors for a breathtaking view of earth from an astronaut’s eyes. This is without doubt one of the most incredible attractions anywhere in Florida.


And that’s just the beginning…

These five reasons alone should leave you wanting to visit Kennedy Space Center, but there is even more to see and do, including these fantastic experiences:

- Experience an out of this world cinematic experience at two IMAX theatres, with incredible films narrated by Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio

IMAX Theatre and Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

- Taking a bus tour of the complex, giving you the chance to see the legendary vehicle assembly building amongst others

- Explore a huge collection of astronaut artefacts at the Astronaut Hall of Fame including original space craft and space suits

- Stand under the incredible 363ft Saturn V – the biggest rocket ever made, as well as touching a moon rock at the Apollo/Saturn V Center


Although we can’t promise we’ll get you into space, we can promise you an unforgettable day at Kennedy Space Center, with our range of great value tickets when you book with Attraction Tickets Direct.

Kennedy Space Center , Kennedy Space Centre , orlando , Florida , Florida Excursions

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